Finland actively considering joining nato amid threats from moscow

Finland Actively Considering Joining NATO amid Threats from Moscow

Howard RoarkMar 15, 20222 min read

Putin could be clinging to the losing end as his special operations in Ukraine pushes Nordic nations closer to NATO more than ever. Finland might surprise the world as it chooses to move from the theoretical safe zone that made…

Youtube offers up to $300k for podcasters to make videos

YouTube Offers Up to $300K for Podcasters to Make Videos

Howard RoarkMar 14, 20223 min read

YouTube is out there to woo podcasters with up to $300K grants. The online video sharing platform is making a debut in the podcasting market with the new strategy to attract podcasters. A report issued by Bloomberg revealed that the…

Honda and sony to collaborate in building and selling evs by 2025

Honda and Sony to Collaborate in Building and selling EVs by 2025

Howard RoarkMar 11, 20222 min read

Sony has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Sony for a joint venture to produce and market electric vehicles. The two Japanese industrial giants revealed that they had initiated forming a company that would make battery-powered cars in Honda’s…

How the russia-ukraine conflict will impact car companies

How the Russia-Ukraine Conflict will Impact Car Companies

Howard RoarkMar 11, 20223 min read

Russia’s activities in Ukraine could cut vehicle production operations by millions of units this year. Russia plays a significant role in the automobile industry as the largest producer of rare earth metals like palladium which is highly essential for manufacturing…

Ev battery’s charge and tank of gas. How do they compare?

EV Battery’s Charge and Tank of Gas. How Do They Compare?

Howard RoarkMar 11, 20222 min read

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic was an apparent setback to the automobile industry in what was to be a significant year for the electric vehicles (EVs) consumer segments. Nonetheless, EVs have proven their positions as essential products in reshaping the future…

Afghans sell kidneys to counter poverty and starvation

Afghans Sell Kidneys to Counter Poverty and Starvation

Howard RoarkMar 11, 20222 min read

Afghans are willing to sacrifice their organs to feed their children, pay debts and counter the utmost starvation. The selling of kidneys has become so common in the city of Herat that it’s named “one kidney village.” Nooruddin, a citizen…

Turkey sees over 50% inflation

Turkey Sees Over 50% Inflation

Howard RoarkMar 10, 20222 min read

Turkey’s Inflation has hit 54.4%- the highest in 20 years. Data released on Thursday indicated that the two-decade high was fueled by soaring commodity prices and last year’s crash of the lira currency. The tumbling lira caused a surge in…

India among countries to stay silent on russian special operation

India Among Countries To Stay Silent On Russian Special Operation

Howard RoarkMar 9, 20224 min read

India abstained from voting on the United Nations General Assembly’s resolution adopted Wednesday. The resolution sought to deplore Russia’s aggressive invasion of Ukraine. Remember, India had abstained from voting against Moscow two times before. The UN held the voting session…

Putin and his wartime strategy

Putin and His Wartime Strategy

Howard RoarkMar 8, 20224 min read

Today, the entire world worries about the fall of Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital city. However, many things go beyond what the naked eye can see. Analysts have termed the Russia-Ukraine war as the battle of might and wills between Moscow and…

Ted cruz aligns with the protesting canadian truckers

Ted Cruz Aligns with the Protesting Canadian Truckers

Howard RoarkMar 2, 20222 min read

Ted Cruz, a Republican senator for Texas who in 2016 ran for presidential nomination but lost to Donald Trump, has castigated the crowd funding platform, GoFundMe, for not delivering as per expectations.On February 4th, GoFundMe stopped accepting donations on behalf…

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