250,000 French Protestors Continue to Fight Vaccine Passports

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Approximately 250,000 French people are likely to hit the streets to protest against the vaccination passport or extreme coronavirus preventive measures. Police intelligence has sent a timely notice to the government. Police intelligence teams have warned the government that the number of French nationals protesting against the health pass has increased rapidly since mid-July. 

The protesters have no sign of slowing down and are likely to come on the streets this weekend, showing their disagreement towards the health pass. France’s central territorial intelligence has estimated that at least 250,000 people will execute a rally over the weekend. 

Apart from the general public, even parents are likely to join the protests as they are frustrated and fed up with the available school closure and the tough COVID preventive measures. In addition to this, the parents are also uncertain of the rules at the start of the new academic year for the children. 

Almost 200 protests have already been planned throughout France. However, the anti-health pass movement is likely to be in action, especially in the South of France. Therefore, the police intelligence teams have issued letters to the government to enforce mobilization and activeness of law agencies to combat any unforeseen enclosure. 

Although the public has announced a peaceful protest, local governments think that some people might aggravate the protest by provoking the general public. The country this weekend will witness its fifth mass protest against the restrictions imposed on the unvaccinated. In addition, when the health pass was announced to be introduced in mid-July, almost 114,000 people came on the streets the following weekend to show their disagreement with the health pass. The number of protestors is increasing consecutively every weekend as 237,000 participants were present in the protests last week. 

The constitutional court has approved the use of controversial pass which was previously required at cinemas and museums. However, the use of a vaccination passport is mandatory at restaurants and bars as well as traveling.