A Pandemic Transcending Covid-19

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The year 2020 will be a year to be remembered in the entire history of our generation. The onset of this year was marked with hope, aspirations and dreams with many people around the globe marking it as the year of ‘big change’ and transformation for the better. Their dreams were in every way true and became a reality at the year’s end but many would concur with the fact that this materialization was the absolute opposite of what was expected. Inasmuch as change was foreseeable, this was not what the hopeful people had in mind. The sweet dreams of accomplishment and scaling to new heights were switched with the converse when the entire world was struck by a malady that has so far claimed many lives and as if to add insult to injury, dictated how many live their lives. Normal living has been washed down to become what we see now as living under constant fear. 

A Bone Chilling Disease Much Worse than the Current Covid-19 Pandemic

The attack on our beloved planet by Covid-19 has brought about a global uproar and no one has the single idea of what we could do to fully eradicate this disease that has claimed several millions of lives across the world. Every day is marked by plenary reports from the media houses of how things are getting worse by the day. There has been moratorium on many social and economic activities and this has resulted to a spike in fear and a dire state of depression. Every action we take is now directed by this incessant fear which has now become the basis of every action apparently. However, what if there was something that was in many ways similar to this pandemic, only worse? Something that just like the all popular virus, crept into our lives, inspired grotesque incessant fear, claimed lives, sabotaged the economy and social lives of nations and as if that was not enough, it dictates how people live and the decisions they make. Just like covid-19, this other monster comes in waves, the subsequent waves being worse than the former ones and against the curve of its growth no one seems to be advancing. 

Leftism is briefly defined as the support of the left wing of political parties which stand for two major issues, the aspects of socialism and communism. In the United States, this is a political pandemic that embodies the Covid-19 analogy and in all mannerism, behaves like the disease. The Covid-19 boosters are to be perceived as injections of cultural and social ideologies and the purported safety and health measures as the notions that the Government actually cares for its nationals thus making them docile and maneuverable. This sprouts and breeds a class of compliant citizens full of propaganda that has been injected into them and they oblige to the harsh containment measures that only repress and exclude them.  

The political rulers pushing for leftism are considered the apparent beneficiaries of this great course and have the people’s best interest at heart and everything they do is for the common citizen. Whatever they dictate is what should be followed and anything or anyone going contrary to their word are said to be the enemy of the state, out-casts who deserve severe punishment. This are the people that repudiate this political indoctrination and what would be termed as ‘vaccination’. Neglecting this political ‘jabs’ make one a defiant and noncompliant individual who does not want the progress in the much spirited fight against the pandemic. Annihilation of the common place democracy and freedom to enjoy democratic rights is the conspiracy of this leftist movement that is veiled in the decorated apparel of ‘care for the people’. The so much revered lockdown is ostensibly supposed to safeguard people from the malady but in real sense, it is just a tool to squelch the freedom of the people.  

Covid-19 is a Simple Virus That Showed Us The Real Face of Various Politicians and Governments Around the World

In real sense, Covid-19 is a virus that in perpetuity will hang around just like the flu and common cold. We just have to figure out how to live with it and come up with control measure to keep the virus at bay, measures that do not entail the infringement of the rights of the subjects of this regime that is hell-bent to take away the freedom and rights of basic living. This regime seems to be preparing for something far more detrimental and catastrophic; the governance pathology that is characterized by police suppression, keen general surveillance of the public and one-sided control of the masses by the state.  

There might be a chance in the war against Covid-19, a slight one maybe, but against this other pandemic, there might be zero remedy. No magic vaccine exists, only some therapeutic measures that will dismally interfere with the trajectory of its haul. In the wise words of Breggin, the only way out would be for the people to come together and with unity scrap off these doctrines whose effects have ravaged the west world and like a malignant growth, is creeping into the rest of the world. Unless this kind of unity prevails, the future would not be as bright.