Alonso Vows to Fight for Inclusion of Trans Characters in Disney Superhero Movies

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Marvel Studios executive, Victoria Alonso, seems not to be giving up on her vow to create an inclusive environment for transgender characters in the filmmaker’s operations. Victoria has attracted a lot of attention from the industry for her active campaigns to include the first LGBTQ+ superhero character in the Marvel Universe.

Victoria revealed that even though the Eternals movie got poor reviews, the Marvel Universe maintained its commitments towards fostering diversity and inclusion by incorporating transgender characters in its films more often.

Alonso’s speech came only days after the release of Eternals, the latest movie by Marvel Studios epic that features the first gay superhero, which comes with a complete gay kiss. The exec considered her ability to show the current generations the characters that represent them and reflect the real issues in society as the only way she could contribute to the advancement of humanity.

Alonso Wants to Push Inclusivity and more Transgender Propaganda

The exec has been very active in expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s inclusivity agenda, particularly in Captain Marvel and Black Panther movies. There are indications that Alonso is firmly determined to create a film with the first openly gay superhero.

Alonso took a moment to appreciate her critics but revealed that the fans had the final word. The exec said that the filmmaker’s global success is 100% attributed to its endless efforts to support people from all walks of life.

Even though Marvel had high hopes to make Eternals the tent pole of its new phase of films, statistics have shown that it performed poorly in rating and financial gains. However, Alonso explained that even with the opening stumbles, she was firmly determined to explore more themes that are relevant to transgender movies.

The exec vowed to dominate trans themes in character development and portrayal in the forthcoming productions. Alonso pledged to create as much change in the film industry as time will allow, particularly in Disney superhero movies.

Think of the children Alonso, think of the children. It seems that the problem that the media is more focused on creating a different view of reality with everything normalized.