Antifa Wages War Against Christians in Portland

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The sad but ironically funny point about ANTIFA is that they say that they are against fascism but have no problem conducting fascist type actions. It boggles the mind but that is the world that we live in today. It is a topsy turvy wold and and there’s much more confusion as opposed to clarity today.

The ANTIFA organization would continue to make moves in a place like Portland, a place where shootings, homelessness, and other issues seem to be on the rise. In short, it is an area that is slowly but surely descending into chaos, but at least you can do hard drugs and not have to worry about jail time, right?

Here is the latest ANTIFA incident in Portland. This time they chose to attack Christians for no particular reason whatsoever.

ANTIFA Fights Christians

The Antifa are in the public limelight for the wrong reason again. A shocking video emerged on Saturday last week showing members of the Antifa group assaulting a gathering of Christians in Portland.  In the video, the members of the Antifa extremist group, a domestic terror organization, in the United States, were seen spraying mace at the Christian group who included children in a prayer session.

It has emerged that the weekend activity was preplanned and organized to target Artur Pawloski, a Canadian pastor. Reports from the Post Millennial revealed that the Canadian pastor took over a month to organize the prayer event, granting the antifa all the time they needed to make the attacks successful.

Pastor Pawlowski, who ministers at the Fortress of Adullum Church in Calgary, Canada, attracted a lot of public attention earlier this year for his unwavering faith and devotion in holding prayer and convening the community together despite the draconian rules imposed by the Canadian government. He decided that in a time of extreme loneliness, that gathering and improving mental health would be better than public health restrictions.

A video shared by journalist Andy Ngo showed a large group of antifa group members equipped with weapons and shields as they hauled profanity at the Christian worshipers. However, it is surprising that police officers never took an effort to intervene. They would start with their vicious words and then progress on to something more sinister.

The video also showed the antifa group increasing its level of aggressiveness as the Christian group commenced with prayers. A Christian lady attending the prayer session revealed that the antifa staged an attack like an angry mob, making everyone scared and throwing flash bombs at everyone in the scene. Most surprising, it emerged that the antifa threw rotten eggs at children.

They wrecked the setup and got away Scott free.

The antifa members proceeded to destroy the congregant’s sound system and other essential music equipment by dipping them into the Willamette River. It is saddening that despite the heinous acts, members of the antifa squad started questioning the Christian group on the presence of their God.

This is not the first time the antifa group has staged attacks against their Christian counterparts. The situation may worsen if policing institutions continue adopting a don’t-care attitude. It looks like the Portland Police department is asleep at the wheel as they move forward with their devil may care attitude with regard to ANITFA, this domestic terror organization that seems to be growing threat.

How much more violence and attacks will the Portland Police department abide before they actually do something against ANTIFA and its domestic terror activities? It is crucial to realize because allowing organizations like this continue to their hateful activities poses a real problem and creates quite a bit of problems.