Australia to Lockdown the Unvaccinated

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Sydney, Australia’s biggest city, is already subjecting its unvaccinated inhabitants to crucial freedom delays by imposing targeted isolation. The local authorities in Sydney revealed that they were adopting measures to refrain the unvaccinated citizens from various social activities even after being granted freedom from the national government’s stay-at-home orders.

According to Gladys Berejkilian, the Premier of the New South Wales state, the national government had laid plans to grant freedoms to its vaccinated citizens between October 11 and December 1. However, the Premier revealed that the two-tier system adopted by the government was only meant to encourage people to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

This is Unacceptable

Nonetheless, the administration of Australia’s biggest city has been criticized for its discriminatory policies that only target the unvaccinated as they will be subjected to delays in freedoms that will be granted to their inoculated counterparts.

The Premier also revealed that the unvaccinated would be barred from accessing essential services like shopping centers, entertainment avenues, and eateries after the national government lifted all the restrictions initially imposed on December 1.

You are Either on the Permissioned System Or You Are Denied Essential Services in Australia and more Countries

The Australian government has incited its business owners to refrain from selling their products and services to the unvaccinated. As a result, there are tendencies that life for those who ignored the COVID-19 jab will be very difficult from December 1.

Everyone is equal before the law and must be accorded full enjoyment of all the constitutional rights and freedoms. Could the Australian government be in contravention of this requirement? Well, there is a clear indication that the policies set by the government amount to unfair discrimination among unvaccinated citizens.

Persuasion, rather than the discriminatory use of policies and force, remains the most effective strategy for the Australian government to meet its 100% vaccination target by December 1. In essence, denying unvaccinated citizens access to essential services and social amenities is certainly harsh and based on shaky legal grounds. It is time the government adopted a milder strategy to deal with the unvaccinated.