Author: Freeman S. Real

In the 80s, a Legendary Man hit the radio airwaves, and rekindled innumerable spirits, souls who knew implicitly that 1776 was not a fluke, nor a mistake, and it's spirit must be kept alive at all costs. The only possible alternative is to see mankind once again relegated to nothing but mere "Subjects" of the King/Queen/Whatever. At long last, our soul stirred in excitement. After all, The American Visionaries sacrificed EVERYTHING, so that you & I could have a "well-lit candle of hope" to steward. We feel an enormous sense of gratitude toward those brave & brilliant souls... We cannot grasp the "mental blind-spot" of those who only seek to extinguish that "Flame of Freedom"-save for those who lust for nothing but power in this temporary existence. Their motives are WELL Understood. Count me, as one of many humble stewards of that well-lit-flame. When not marveling over the weight of these obligations, and all the humbling aspects of them, Freeman S. Real enjoys many disciplines of Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, bonding with Nature, Exploration, Family & Friends, Creativity, and helping others. F.S.R. (June 2021)
Queen nancy our future president?

Queen Nancy Our Future President?

Part Two is for YOU, Nancy!  Some are opining that due to recent events, folks are going to “turn” on  old Uncle Joe in the White House. Whether that be via impeachment, or perhaps the 25th Amendment, either would bring us…