Author: Karen Thomas

I am a self-employed, single mother of two sons, a grandmother and lived through 11 Presidents. I acquired my college degree at the age of 49 and currently work as a recruiter for the supply chain. I started writing when I was a teenager, and it is still my hope that I can publish my works sometime in the future. I consider myself a loner, but have an out-going personality with a quirky sense of humor when called upon. I can talk to anyone under any circumstances. I possess few encumbrances and my emotional baggage fits into a wallet. I have written prose and poetry, blogs for websites, web content and other contributions. Some of my work has been posted and published on various websites and in print.
When are essential workers no longer essential?

When Are Essential Workers No Longer Essential?

When they are mandated to take a vaccine they do not want,   When they question the teachings of Faucism, and   When they choose to trust the science over unconstitutional mandates that are only exhibited in foreign nations…