Be Prepared for the Third Covid Shot as the Delta Variant spreads, says Dr. Hotez

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Things could be taking a slow yet steady turn in the United States’ healthcare system as the new delta variant takes hit.  Residents in the United States could be forced to go for a third round of the COVID-19 vaccine according to Dr. Peter Hotez , the co-director of the Center for Vaccine Development at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Hotez’s remarks came only hours after the CDC through its director revealed that the new face masking recommendations were an absolute necessity to handle the ever-increasing delta variant cases. Rochelle Walensky, CDC’s director demystified on Tuesday that vaccinated people who had received the full vaccine dose have a similar viral load as their unvaccinated counterparts, making them ample agents in the spread of the disease.

In an interview with “The News with Shepard Smith”, Hotez explained that Americans should be prepared for a booster shot with the ability to increase the multiplication rate of the virus-neutralizing antibodies among the vaccinated individuals. Hotez also revealed that the booster shot could help in stopping most of the asymptomatic COVID-19 transmission cases.

Pfizer had initially shown its intent to ask US regulators to look into ways of authorizing a booster dose specifically designed for its vaccine. Other countries like Israel have already proceeded with the third shot targeting the at-risk populations.

Pfizer Notes That a Third COVID Shot May Be Necessary

Of course, Pfizer has been talking about a booster shot for a few months now. There’s been a slow but steady talk of booster shots over the past couple of months by various health officials. It is no surprise to see that the booster shots went from an idea to a reality over these months. Several companies are working on these shots and Pfizer, with its partners serve as one of the drug manufacturers.

More will make the case for a third dose of vaccinations as more nations retreat and fall back into a more cautious stance when looking at their respective re-openings. For instance, Karachi, Pakistan is one of the latest cities in Asian to impose a partial lockdown. The city notes that it will require all residents within Karachi, Pakistan to obtain vaccine shots by August 8th or find a portion of their wages garnished. Further, it is one of the cities that is pushing its imposition a bit more by stating that it may shut down sim cards if individuals do not comply with the vaccine mandate.

This regular talk of vaccines and the need for a third shot is also taking place in a time where countries like Australia still have a few states that are extending their lockdowns even more.