Beijing Sanctions Lockheed, Raytheon Due To Dealings with Taiwan

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On Monday the 21st of February, the government announced the punishment for the third time against the US companies by placing Lockheed Martin Corp and Raytheon Technologies Corp under sanctions over selling arms to Taiwan. The sanctions are placed as countermeasures against the two companies. It involves over a $100 million Feb. 7 arms sale, which underestimated China’s security interest and the China-us relation involving peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan and Its Importance to China

Taiwan is viewed as a breakaway province that should accept Chinese sovereignty by Beijing. In addition to this, Beijing also thinks that Taiwan has never surrendered its force to achieve its respective goal.

China is displeased with the fact that Taiwan continues to move forward with these deals. As it makes no sense to this nation. If Taiwan falls under China, why does it need to conduct these actions? Beijing would be there to help and support if any harm were to come to one of its provinces.

This logic is where the issue lies.

Taiwan does not recognize itself as a part of China.

Lockheed has Sold to China

Both of these companies (Lockheed and Raytheon) are military enterprises on which the sanctions are placed. In addition to this, these companies have participated in US arms sales to China.

Although the arms have been supplied for a while now, the companies have faced sanctions for the first time under anti-foreign sanction law, which China drew up recently. Moreover, the sanctions against Lockheed and Raytheon were announced two times before, which was in 2019 and 2020, but the officials of China has not yet explained how the sanctions were entailed or enforced.

While the US claims that it does not sell any weapons in China, it is obliged by the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act to supply Taiwan with weapons to defend and protect itself. Unfortunately, the US selling weapons always enrages China in anger and leads to unrest between the two countries.

Upon China’s pressure in Taiwan, Taiwan has clearly stated that it aims for peace but will protect and defend itself when attacked. At the same time, China has always addressed Taiwan as its most sensitive issue about the ties with the US and Washington.