Better Than Trump, or Is He?

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The 25th of April, 2019 apparently marked the beginning of a new revolution in the presidential leadership of the great United States of America. This is the moment his Excellency Joseph Robinette Biden announced his interest in the most powerful seat in the world. To some, he was just another old man doing the same old thing old U.S. Senators do towards the end of a presidential term, but to most citizens of this great country, he was the great hope in the effort to dethrone the then serving president whose name needs no mentioning- his reputation precedes him. 

Biden Takes the Presidential Seat From Trump

The all famous Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 United States elections and on the 20th of January, last year, he was inaugurated to begin his presidential tenure. His electorate supporters were elated to have this new start, free of Trump’s policies which were deranged to many. To the entire world, America had sobered up to elect a more sensible and empathetic president. The general perception of this 78-year-old was that he was not as racist as his predecessor and had many sound policies to improve the economy of United States of America. However, this perfectly painted image is slowly but surely losing color on the minds of most American citizens. It now seems that this flawless man has his own fair share of shortcomings and his white robe with quite a number of blemishes. 

The Many Blemishes of President Joe Biden

Narcissism is one of the not so pleasant attributes linked to Joe, ever since he assumed power. Is the old man focusing on his best interest more that the nation’s? For instance, he was caught on camera whining and complaining about people trolling him amidst the debacle linked to Afghanistan. According to those breathing fire and brimstone on Joe’s back, he should have used more of his energy in evacuating the Americans and the Special Immigrant Visas employed by and on behalf of the U.S. Government, trapped behind the foe lines because of him. Instead, he was crying out on being attacked and criticized. 

Recently, U.S. threatened new sanctions over the conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region clash. The sanction regime threatened to punish those who carried on with the clashes that could potentially lead to a humanitarian troubles. The president, Joe Biden signed an executive order allowing the U.S. treasury and Departments of the State to sanction groups and leaders, should they not take steps to alleviate and totally extinguish the fighting. A reporter inquired from Joe about this situation but was met by a rather indignant response from the president. He probably did not see this coming. As if dodging a bullet, the president avoided this question, claiming that he will stick to matters debt, since mixing those issues would confuse the people of America. This sent the U.S. citizens into an uproar. “What does he take us for? Some credulous and mindless people who cannot comprehend issues?” His response seemed to cover himself, more like garments cover nudity, of possibly how confused he was, oblivious of the facts. This was also so convenient for him, I mean, and what other demanding question could he avoid by such a response?  

His Excellency, President Joseph Biden was championing to increase the debt limit, apparently finance his humongous expenditure and spending spree. He did this and shifted the blame to the Republicans in attempts to justify his uncalled for actions. According to him, the former president, Donald Trump was the root cause for all the financial woes facing the country and thus the need to blow through the debt limit. This was arguably self-contrasting and a blow against his own face, since surpassing Donald Trump’s limit would definitely throw mud on his own regime and paint it as an extravagant government ready to blow the taxpayer’s heard-earned revenue. His avoidance of the Ethiopian question to hide in this debt issue seemed a miscalculated move. 

Avoidance Is Systemic with this Current Regime

All the aforementioned issues all boil down to one predominant and malignant problem with the United States President. This is the incessant pattern of avoidance. Seems big old Joe loves playing safe. His indignant attribute of constantly avoiding questions is creeping up and is seemingly transcending and overshadowing all his other positive attributes in his track record. Continuing on this path will soon render him a coward, the award-winning narcissist President of the year with the ‘confused’ tag on his all-powerful breastplate. For how long will he sustain this game plan of avoidance? For how long will he continue down playing the intelligence of those who elected him into power, and apparently those who did not? For how long will he continue hiding behind the veil of protecting the Americans from confusion and the alleged ambiguities of his actions? His tactic is obviously not working any longer and is by the day proving tiresome, not mentioning outrageous to the benevolent people of the great United States of America. Clearly, and many would agree with this statement, the President needs to style up and do better than just avoiding confrontations. He, most certainly can do better.