Biden Gives Taliban a Gift By Withdrawing American Troops

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The Taliban militia is enthusiastically exploring swift advancement all over Afghanistan as the United States of America’s troops withdraw. President Biden has noted that he will remove all troops from the area. But the issue is that as the quick transition happens, the country of Afghanistan seems to be reverting back to what it was in 2000. 

In essence, the Taliban look like they are back in the driver’s seat.

To date, they, the Taliban are in control of about one third of the country and in deep pursuit to take control of 42% more, according to recent reports. This is a surprising level of activity and progress to many different people. Indeed, Afghanistan serves as an important point in the world today as it is near Russia, China, and India. It will not be pleasant to see Afghanistan sink back into the same situation that it was before the US started its war on terror, a situation that would not necessarily be beneficial to anyone within that region for quite a few reasons.

The Latest Move By Biden is A Significant Issue for Afghanistan

Taliban’s unending success comes after previous American regimes have spent close to $1 trillion in the last two decades in the desire to sweep away the terror group who are in an endless pursuit to gain control over the war-torn economy.  Indeed, US Congress established that the Defense Department lost over $19 billion between May 2009 and December 31st 2019 to fraud, wastage and abuse in support of Afghanistan.

Putting the financial costs aside, it is estimated that about 69,000 Afghani troops, about 450 aid workers and 72 journalists have lost their lives in the war. Similarly, over 11,000 have been left dead or injured since Afghanistan started recording the casualties in 2009.

Taliban Comes Back to The Picture in Full Force

In a report to foreign media stations, a Taliban commander based in Ghazni province revealed that his fellow militias were terribly amused by the rate at which they were advancing. The commander also indicated that Taliban had avoided capturing some of its key targets in Afghanistan, expressing the fears of running afoul of the US troops.

Taliban’s success can be attributed to the fact that they are in war with the Afghanistan forces who complain of being exhausted, underequipped, outnumbered and underpaid. This is an issue that has been festering for sometime and is also an issue that was seen in Iraq, another area that saw an American military presence in full force as part of the war on terror. It has not fared well over there either, as the nation is far from its former stable and wealthy state. Issues relating to proxy wars and other matters still take place to a great extent in Iraq to this very day. Indeed, ISIS has not been vanquished in the region.

It is no wonder why the US attacked facilities in Iran and Iraq, fairly recently.

Both eyewitness accounts, statements from local officials and media reports have revealed that the Taliban is swiftly advancing in the regions near Kabul and the rural areas. The land area under control of Taliban is said to be twice as much as they had seized only two months ago. This raises lots of doubts on whether the Afghani government will remain standing after the US forces leave the country. The US plans to release its troops from the war-torn country by September 11.

Pakistan To Close its Borders with Afghanistan if Instability in Afghanistan Increases

Pakistan has already stepped ahead and noted that it will not standby and watch as terrorism and instability grows within Afghanistan. It has already noted that if nothing changes within the region, that it will go ahead and close its borders with its neighbor. It is not only a matter of security but also a matter of immigration. The country does not have the funds or the budget to handle a great deal of immigration as it seeks to bolster its own economy.