Biden to Reward Illegal Immigrants for Breaking the Law

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Americans are going through tough times right now. Some are being fired or forced to resign from their jobs because they cannot accept forced vaccination. Store shelves are empty, and we are urged to lower our consumer expectations. The future is bleak for many. 

Yet, through all these, President Biden’s administration has found it appropriate to compensate illegal immigrants $450,000, according to sources familiar with the ongoing negotiations. It is shocking. The victims’ lawyers and Biden administration hope to reach a final deal by the end of November. 

Why Is Biden Compensating Illegal Immigrant families? 

Biden is compensating illegal immigrant families because they were “harmed” by Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy that saw families separated from one another, from 2018 until the end of Trump’s tenure. These were families that illegally crossed into the U.S. from Mexico to seek asylum. In short, they are criminals in the first place. Their presence on U.S. soil should be enough, but no, they feel they deserve more than the peace and security they enjoy at the expense of American taxpayers. 

$450,000 per Person? 

According to Wall Street Journal, the Biden administration is in talks to reward immigrant families with $450,000 a person for the psychological trauma they endured when the Trump administration separated them from one another. 

These illegal immigrants filed lawsuits through agencies, and it seems they have won the case. One of the agencies is the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which has retorted the amount to be paid is still not enough. ACLU says these families should be given a pathway to stay on the USA soil past the three-year grace period that the law permits. 

Lee Gelernt, the deputy director of the ACLU’s immigrant-rights project and who has been on the forefront negotiating payment on at least one of the lawsuits, explained that president Biden himself had acknowledged that the family separation policy is a historic moral stain on the United States so it must be fully remedied. Allowing illegal immigrants to remain in the country is part of the remedy, according to Gelernt. 

“These families, particularly the young children, were deliberately traumatized by our government and deserve not only adequate compensation but the chance to remain here so they can begin to heal,” Lee Gelernt explained.  

The US government lost track of some of the families separated from one another. But so far, ACLU has been able to identify over 5,500 separated from their families.  

The Biden administration also established a task force to track down and reunify separated migrant families. So far, the task force has reunited just over 50 families. Lawyers representing those families hope many more may soon be reunited after the Biden administration agrees to allow deported parents to return to the United States on a permanent or temporary parole basis. 

“Fear of Strangers” 

A total of 940 legal claims were filed by families who maintain they were “forcefully broken up” once they crossed into the United States from Mexico. As a result, their children were traumatized and suffered from a range of ailments — including “anxiety” and a “fear of strangers.” These are just the right words to expect from a family hoping to get a windfall it didn’t ever dream of. 

These families are somehow secretly laughing just at how stupid Americans have become. The children also suffered from “heat exhaustion,” malnutrition, poor medical attention, and frigid conditions.  

Talking of “fear of strangers,” many of these families are here because they were allegedly being brutalized in their original countries. So were they suffering from these traumas back there, or they only developed them here? Of course not, because back there people don’t get compensated for these types of sufferings. 

But this is the generous United States where nobody should get hurt. For that reason, the U.S. Department of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services are weighing the issue and could pay nearly $1 million for every family that was separated by Trump’s policies.  

The figure could rise if the lawyers representing the families have their way; they ask for at least $3.4 million per family. Some of these families have only one parent and one child, but they will still qualify for the vast amount given per family if it is a flat rate. Mind you, that is a combined $900,000 for the two. 

The total figure paid to all the affected families could be more than $1 billion. 

9/11 Comparison 

At $1 billion, the payment will be more than the amount the 9/11 victims received, if these figures are correct. Families that lost loved ones to 9/11 were paid $2 million in total — the highest compensation ever by a U.S. government.  

They Should Get Nothing 

Not every American thinks these illegal immigrants should get a cent from the U.S. government. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has termed the deal “unacceptable.” Tweeting, he went further, saying, “Those are taxpayers’ dollars. We should not be paying anything to people who break our laws.” 

“Democrats have lost their minds,” said Republican Sen. Rick Scott of Florida. “They actually want to spend $450k to illegal immigrants that broke our laws while a crisis rages at our Southern border. This is INSANE.”