Biden’s Push For COVID-19 Vaccines: Caring, Coercion Or Corruption?

Sentry hill, sentryhill,sentryhill. Com,

For the last 10 months of the year 2020, in the middle of an election year, all we heard on the news was never-ending statistics about Covid-19 outbreaks, Covid-19 testing, and Covid-19 deaths.  We rang in the New Year with the promise of new and effective vaccines. After that announcement, all you saw on the news were never-ending loops of people getting the shot 24/7, all the time, in your face, close-ups of skin being pierced, and even during dinner time no less.  That alone would make me run for the hills.  Little did we know that was only the beginning of an endless plea to save America from Covid-19. So why this latest big push for vaccines?


The launch of the vaccines had a robust start, then something started to stink after the Memorial Day holiday and the launch of a new summer. The number of people turning out to get the jab started to dwindle.  Government subsidized vaccine centers started to close. 

We heard endless clichés over and over, ‘we can do this!’, ‘keep your grandma safe’. ‘it’s the patriotic thing to do’, but still no increase in the number of jabs.  They pulled on our heart strings, made us feel guilty, and blamed the non-vaccinated for being spreaders, and still no response. They offered us lotteries, free beer, free tickets to sports events, free trips, and free food; and still only a slight uptick in the number of vaccinations. Why wasn’t everybody wanting to get vaccinated?  It was then that they decided to institute their attack strategy.


Enter the Delta Variant. The freebies didn’t get the job done and they had a goal to reach by July 1st of 70% of Americans to be vaccinated.  They didn’t make it. According to the CDC, as of July 8th only 158.2 million vaccinations have been given.  That’s only 47.7% well short of the goal.

Then it started to get ugly.  The Establishment started to show frustration with the millions of Americans that for whatever reason, refused to step up.  Dr. Fauci, once again playing the fear card, was on the nightly news with his scientific facts about how the Delta Variant is more contagious, that only unvaccinated people are dying, and even stating people needed to “Get over it”.  The last time I looked, this is a free country with a right to choose our own medical decisions no matter what it is.  How about stop treating us like a bunch of ignorant deplorables?  We know what to do.


I’m not big on statistics, and I’m terrible at math. According to the latest 2020 U.S. Census, there are 331,670,354 people in the United States.  As of yesterday, there are 34,670,354 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the U.S. and 622,183 deaths.  That leaves (and check my math here) 34,048,171 people who LIVED!  Can you believe it?  Well, no one’s going to put that on the news that’s for sure. So the statistics rounded off to the nearest million up or down are as follows:

  • Population: 332M
  • Minus Number of Vaccinations given:  158.2M
  • Minus Number of People with natural immunity:  34M
  • Minus 63M children under the age of 13 not eligible
  • Equals 77M who chose not to be vaccinated

So you see, they are lying to you, but never let a crisis go to waste.  Former President Trump contracted with 8 pharmaceutical companies and paid 18 Billion Dollars in funding for 455 million doses. That would have been far more than we needed, and now the Biden Administration is donating the overflow to other countries instead of giving 800,000 border crossers the jab when they are checked in.  Why the hurry?  Are the doses going to expire perhaps, and be a significant loss to investors?

There is money in booster shots.  That’s recurring annual revenue for investors as well as the companies. We all know Congress is in bed with big pharma and big tech anyway.  Can’t buy a $7M mansion on a congressperson’s salary, now can we? 

You do the math.

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