Blend Labs Wants to Make Banking Simple

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Founded in 2012, Blend Labs, Inc. is distinguished as a for-profit FinTech that pledges to foster simplicity and transparency in America’s financial services industry. Blend Labs is headquartered in the western side of the United States, in San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast.

In essence, Blend Labs was founded with the aim of helping lenders in the finance industry streamline their client journey for all their banking products from the application stage to the completion phase.

The Blend software can be described as a medium that aids banks to become more digital. In brief, Blend seeks to fix the heavy burden associated with traditional banking operations like sending bulky mail, doing extensive paperwork, and making unending phone calls.

Since its establishment, the Blend Labs Digital Lending Platform has been used by leading financial institutions like the United States Bank, Wells Fargo, Republic Bank, the Navy Federal Credit Union, and over 250 other institutions. Blend Labs has enabled financial service firms in the United States and beyond to process about $5 billion transactions every day. The fintech firm seeks to deliver superior services among its customer segments with optimal operational efficiency.

How Blend Labs Wants to Stay Innovative

Blend Labs pledges to accelerate its operational innovations by presenting a platform that evolves with its consumer segments by:

  • Creating and deploying unique customer experiences
  • Taking advantage of its low code, drag-and-drop tools that foster the advancement of new products in the shortest timeframes
  • Allowing its clients to tap into the power of an extensive ecosystem
  • Leveraging its broad and diverse community of service, technology, and data providers by delivering seamless customer experience

Blend embraces its cloud-based software that helps banking institutions to digitize their old-fashioned infrastructure as it enhances its customers’ experiences. Similarly, the fintech has explored a wide range of growth avenues by offering new services like cross-selling opportunities and non-mortgage-related add-ons on its user interface.