Christopher Sign Found Dead After Breaking the Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Story

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Christopher Sign, the journalist and local TV news anchor who unearthed the 2016 private meeting between Bill Clinton and the former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is dead.  Sign was only 45 years old at the time of his death, working for ABC 33/40 in Birmingham Alabama.

The news reporter was found dead on Saturday morning in his local Scout Terrace home by Captain Keith Czeskleba of the Hoover Police Department. The death is currently classified as ‘suicidal’. The late journalist is survived by his wife, Laura and three children.

Christopher Sign Broke A Fantastic Story

Sign gained a lot of publicity in 2016 after breaking the news of the meeting between former president Bill Clinton and the then attorney General Loretta Lynch. This meeting took place at a time when Hillary Clinton (Bill’s wife) was running for presidency and was under FBI investigations. Sign’s reports indicated that the two met at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport tarmac. While it is a normal part of the process for people in the political class to meet, the public grew weary that the Clinton-Lynch meeting was a potential conflict of interest. If you are under investigation, meetings with the attorney general creates a bit of suspicion. It creates even more suspicion if you have a past history of escaping ramifications of your actions, anyone remember her turning $1,000 into $100,000?

Sign and A Private Email Server That Had A Significant Impact

At the time of the incident, Sign was working for the Phoenix- based KNXV-TV. The controversies behind the Clinton- Lynch meeting were triggered by the fact that the FBI had started handling investigations on Hillary Clinton for using a private email server while serving the United States in the capacity of the Secretary of State.

The Clinton-Lynch meeting came only a few days before James Comey, the FBI Director in 2016 had announced that Hillary Clinton was freed from facing any criminal charges for using a private email server while serving in a public office. It is important to note that Hillary also used the private server to mishandle a range of classified information.

Both Bill Clinton and Lynch denied the accusations of discussing the investigations by the FBI. Instead, the duo claimed that their 30- minute conversation only revolved around matters that were personal in nature. Quite curious, right? The denial was met with a lot of counter reactions from Lynch’s staff. A report from the Department of Justice Inspector General, Michael Horowitz revealed that Lynch’s staff were shocked that their boss could go to meet with Bill Clinton.

It was a fantastic story that shook the world, showing the power of strong and robust journalism.

Sign Had A Productive Career

Sign started his career as a media personality in the late 90s at ABC 33/40. He later moved to Phoenix in 2004 in what looked like a ‘career lift’.  However, Sign had a comeback to Birmingham in 2017 as an employee of ABC 33/44.

Christopher Sign, a Dallas native has been distinguished as a man of many abilities whose death is sudden and unwarranted. Early in life, Sign was enrolled as a footballer at the University of Alabama. He emerged as an Emmy award winning news reporter and earned dozens of national headlines in his career as a media personality.  

Even though the FBI cleared Hillary, Sign’s report complicated her presidential campaigns. Sign later wrote the book “Secret on the Tarmac” which gives deeper details about the meeting. In the book, Sign reveals that the Clinton-Lynch meeting was planned in advance and was far from a chance encounter. He produced a significant report that would shake the world in more ways than one. It would again shine a light on elitism, the advantages of being a career politician and understanding how the system works at face value and how it works behind the scenes as well.