COVID Hysteria in NSW Leads to Multiple Rescue Dog Deaths

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On Sunday, New South Wales in Australia faced massive backlash for killing 15 dogs, including 10 puppies, to curb the spreading of coronavirus.

The local government fatally shot dogs that had to be moved to another animal shelter in a different town. The authorities decided to shoot them and decided that it was the best approach in containing the coronavirus.

According to the statement from the new south wales office, the government wanted to protect its employees and community from coronavirus.

Out of the 15 dogs, 10 were puppies, and one had just given birth. A state lawmaker at the animal justice party, Emma Hurst was displeased at the act saying it is devastating to take innocent lives. She further added abandoned animals don’t even have a chance of finding a loving home forever.

Later, the council clarified that the animals were aggressive towards the staff and could have hurt them. Additionally, they further justified it as it was a way of stopping people from entering other communities for no reason.

COVID Hysteria Continues in New South Wales

Since there has been another wave of covid 19 cases, the new south wale is under another episode of lockdown after reporting more than 4,800 cases last week.

The workers at animal welfare, care, and accommodation are authorized to keep working.

Reports indicate that council went above and beyond to curb the virus at the cost of innocent puppy lives. Indeed, the laws of animal cruelty prevention were broken.

Kill the Rescue Dogs Save the World

Now, individuals will not have the opportunity to connect with these dogs. They are robbed of the preservation of their mental health due to the loss of these community members. This is one mistake among a long line of endless mistakes that governments all over the world are making under the guise of saving the community.

It looks like the world is going into full hysteria mode as unfortunate events like this continue to take place. It makes no sense to conduct this level of activity when the data shows otherwise. Why are they killing new puppies, which do not usually become a threat right out of the proverbial gate? What kind of decision making process is taking place at a local level, at a national, and international level? We keep seeing the adverse effects of lockdowns and extreme forms of control when it comes to COVID-19.

Individuals in places like France to Germany and other places protest because of extreme measures of control through vaccine passports and lockdown measures. Individuals are feeling the pain either through a lack of economic opportunity, inflation, the rise of prices in goods, mental health deterioration and in other regards as well.