Demand for Canadian Truckers to Quarantine Triggered Protests

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The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has continued to ignore protests taking place in Ottawa, as Catherine McKenney, the city councilor, blames the government for abandoning the residents in a crisis. She is right, the government does continue to abandon citizens in a time of crisis. There are various issues going on in Canada and the government is far taking constructive action to ensure progress.

The people of Canada are faced with higher housing costs and a higher cost of living in other segments as well.

Some wonder, what the respective entities in Canada are doing as these issue compound, making it more difficult to live in Canada.

While, the city councilor notes issues with the protestors, the local council looks past what is ailing the people and why frustrations are spilling over.

Effect of the Protests on Residents

The protestors, who comprise Canadian truckers and others from across the border in the US have been staging protests in the city as from Saturday, some having arrived as early as Friday.

They had driven across the country in what has been dubbed the ‘freedom convoy’.

The protesting drivers are irked by the government’s COVID-19 regulation that took effect on January 15th, which demands that any driver crossing into Canada from the US shows proof of having been vaccinated against the virus, failure to which he/she is subjected to mandatory quarantine.

The areas most affected by the protests include the downtown areas of Ottawa and Parliament Hill. Police have made a few arrests, and investigations pertaining to the protests have begun.

The Summary of the Protest Situation

Although the protests had initially brought the Canadian capital to a standstill, the number of protestors has now significantly dropped.

However, there is no indication the stand-off between the protestors and the government is about to end.

Organizers of the protests, including their spokesperson, Tamara Lich, are adamant their people will stand their ground until their complaints are addressed; this threat seems feasible if the protestors continue to have access to millions of dollars they have raised through Go-Fund-Me.

Meanwhile, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on Wednesday decried the presence of close to 200 motor vehicles, including tractors, on the road, indicating these had caused a blockade at the Canada-US border.

The Protests Signal More Breakdown in Trust

These protests show two issues: more absurd requirements by governments and a move toward further authoritarianism. It also shows the incompetence of governments. In what way does it makes sense to create more issues with the supply chain? The supply chain issues seem to be far from over as corporations such as Ford halt supply production of vehicles in several facilities, and as more firms see labor shortages, and shipping rates still remain fairly high.

It would seem that adding to the problem with unnecessary requirements would be a policy error. Still, it looks like more officials at Federal level and local level continue to make asinine policy errors that continue to have an negative effect on the people that they supposedly represent.