Dez Bryant Is Confused By Kaepernick

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The National Football League’s Dez Byrant is a bit annoyed by Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick is supposed to be for the people but it seems like he does not really do anything for the people. His primary activities consist of kneeling and saying outlandish things in the media so he can get sponsorships from Nike and be in Netflix documentaries.

We would certainly have to agree with others who note that Kaepernick needs to get his head checked. Especially when he likens being in the NFL to slavery. Who knows? Maybe he knows exactly what he is doing. He has not done so well in the NFL and so at least he can stay relevant by obtaining regular media coverage.

As long has he can get views by pushing out divisive messages, he can still find himself contributing somehow on maybe CNN alongside Don Lemon or others.

Dez Bryant Is Confused by Kaepernick

Now, Dez Bryany is confused. He is wondering by Kaepernick is neglecting the people he once campaigned for. The 32-year-old NFL wide receiver questioned the steps Kaepernick had taken to help the community he had allegedly pledged to assist in his campaigns against racial injustices and police brutality.

Bryant revealed on the IAM Athlete podcast that even though he had a lot of respect for Kaepernick, he hated the fact that the athlete never used the most incredible opportunity he had in the world to create and give jobs to his community. Bryant considered Kaepernick’s underused influence as a clear abuse of the sports culture.

Kaepernick is merely the new wave of chosen one’s. Similar to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and others who have amassed great wealth by “standing up for the people” and yielding minimal results. A faux righteous crusade is interesting to watch as evidenced by Greta and others who continue to gain traction and personal results.

Bryant Notes That Kaepernick Has Not Genuinely Provided Real Help

According to Bryant, Kaepernick had not taken any step to stand with the people who he stood up for, those who were with him, and those who lost their income streams because of him.

Nonetheless, Bryant did not only look at Kaepernick’s negative side. Instead, the former Dallas Cowboys star took the time he spent at the I Am Athlete podcast session to praise Kaepernick for sparing his time to raise awareness as he spearheaded the campaign against racial injustices and police brutality.

Even with the praises, Bryant insisted that Kaepernick’s campaign was done without proper instruction and direction. Similarly, the former Dallas Cowboys athlete explained that there was no call to action in the campaign.

Bryant had questioned Kaepernick’s leadership in 2013. The athlete was bitter about Kaepernick’s move to lead people in the wrong direction. Similarly, Bryant revealed that he was unhappy with Kaepernick’s movement to start a dialogue on a contentious topic without adequate preparation.

Hopefully Kaepernick does not start kneeling to defend himself against Dez Bryant.

Don’t Cancel Dez Bryant, Kaepernick.