Did Hillary Clinton Commit Treason?

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The consensus the actions of Hillary Clinton and team was not treason but was a significant breach of power.

So, there was, indeed, election interference but it wasn’t on Trump’s part.

What Happened and What is the Hillary Clinton Incident?

John Durham, the special counsel charged with investigating whether anyone unlawfully engaged in actions prejudicial to the operations of Donald Trump as a 2016 presidential candidate, has established that some tech-savvy individuals actually did.

In his report, Durham indicates that one lawyer who worked for the Perkins Coie law firm, on the behest of Trump’s competitor, Hillary Clinton, colluded with a certain internet company in spying on Trump prior to the presidential elections and even after Trump had assumed office.

On the basis of these revelations, former president, Donald Trump, and his first born son, Donald Trump Jr, have demanded immediate action be taken against Clinton. In fact, the US 45th president has termed Clinton’s role in this matter treasonous, asserting that in the olden days such behavior would have been met with death.

While these actions may not have categorized as treasonous if it were pre-presidential, spying on a sitting President by an American citizen is certainly something to be concerned about. It breaks down the level of trust present within this nation at a time when the situation is already rather tense.

It is a further problem when there are more issues to attend to instead of going after sitting Presidents. This situation brings light to how frayed the nation has become.

Hillary Clinton Scandal May Be Larger than Watergate

According to President Trump, the scandal that has been unveiled by the Durham-led investigation is far more serious than the infamous Watergate that drove President Richard Nixon out of office.

Durham’s findings have given specifics as to the nature of internet data mined to jeopardize Trump’s success. Among the internet traffic monitored was that at the Trump Tower, Trump’s building at Central Park West and his executive office as POTUS.

This egregious collection of data on an American citizen speaks volumes on the state of affairs present within this nation today.

Reparations Necessary

Donald Trump also says reparations should be instituted for those US citizens that were hurt by the unlawful behavior of the Clinton-instigated intrusions.

In an apparent attempt to emphasize the culpability of the Clinton team, Trump points out that not only did Clinton’s team pay individuals to infiltrate the servers at the White House, but Michael Sussman, the lawyer for Clinton was later indicted for having given false information to the FBI.

Trump has emphasized that Sussman, whose information to the FBI was prejudicial to him first as a presidential candidate and later as US president, resigned from the firm he worked for, Perkins Coie following his indictment.