Do You Know Jim Crow 2.0 ?

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Earlier this week, a group of Democrat legislators walked out of the Texas Congressional Special Session, bought a case of Miller Lite, and boarded a couple of private jets. They smiled for the selfies on their way to Washington DC to cry on Daddy Biden’s shoulder about Texas’ “Jim Crow” voting bill. 

They left their loved ones and their children behind on their quest to fight a bill which they felt was worse than the Civil War. They were hailed as heroes on the Main Stream Media for three days.  It was just a few short months ago that President Biden called the newly passed Georgia Voting Bill, “Jim Crow on steroids”, and that it made “Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.”

Oh, dear.  Such drama.

So Who is Jim Crow?

This may or may not be surprising to some people, but Jim Crow was not an actual person.  Jim Crow was a set of laws that legalized segregation.  The laws got the name Jim Crow from a Black Minstrel Show.  This collection of laws began in 1865 shortly after the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery in the United States; and was instituted to prevent former slaves from voting, holding an education, and other privileged opportunities.  This was a horrible time in America; and we should never, ever have this part of history repeat itself!

As a whole, we are NOT a racist country. They just want you to think we are. It’s actually a small group of people, combined with the Main Stream Media, that make you think we’re a racist country; when in fact, it is they who are driving the wedge of racism straight into the hearts of the American people. 

The 2021 Reset Button

Unless you’re living under a rock, the 2020 Presidential Election was the most controversial election of all time.  Maybe the hanging chads came close, but 2020 was a wake-up call. Lots of mistakes were made during the election, after the election, and in the recounts of the election. States that put temporary laws into action due to the pandemic are now being reexamined and new voting laws are currently being passed or drafted in 26 states to avoid another catastrophe.

The Democrats have their panties in a wad over these new election laws because they tighten the security and enforce the integrity of future elections so they cannot be violated again.  We learned from the mistakes. They are also accusing the new voting laws of racism, because it would hinder certain groups of people from voting, namely Blacks and minorities, which we know isn’t true.  Hence, the Jim Crow references.  Here a few highlights they don’t like:

  • Voter ID required
  • Signature matching on absentee ballots and envelopes
  • Elimination of ballot boxes (which was temporarily allowed during Covid)
  • Elimination of mass mail-in ballots (again, temporary due to Covid)

In fact, the State of Delaware repealed its voting law on the last two items on January 12, 2021. Did you know that according to the State of Delaware Election Law, when you show up to vote, they call out your name and your party declaration in public?  Yep.  That’s your state, Joe.

This article is a day late, because I was waiting to hear about the new stories breaking late yesterday about duplicate ballots being discovered in Georgia, and also the Forensic Senate Hearing in Maricopa County, AZ. In Arizona, auditors found more absentee ballots received than were sent out, wrong printer paper was used which caused bleed-through on ballots, voters not on the roll on voting day, no updates on the anti-malware software on the main server, and much more.  There will be updates coming out soon about these two states, so stay tuned.

As far as the Texas Outlaws are concerned? When they return home, there are plans in place that they will be met by a posse of Texas Marshalls to rustle them off to jail. At 6:00, the Texas Speaker of the House offered them a chartered jet to come home. They turned it down.

I don’t always drink beer; but when I do, it’s not Miller Lite.