Dr. Anthony Fauci: History of Withholding Vital Treatments

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 Dr. Anthony Fauci has been the target of criticism due to his handling or rather mishandling of the coronavirus.  As the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Fauci has flip-flopped his stance on the efficacy of using masks and has voiced warnings about using Ivermectin to treat COVID, while other doctors and also other countries have proof that it is effective against the virus and reduces the mortality rate.  Fauci has also been a proponent of the vaccine amidst controversy that the vaccine has not been tested enough to fully understand its efficacy and possible side effects.  Also, his downplaying of the lab leak theory has come under fire. Former President Donald Trump called Fauci “a disaster” and had contemplated removing him from his position because of his handling of the virus. Fauci continues to defend his position saying his decisions are based on scientific data. 

 This is not the first time or the first situation where Dr. Fauci has been accused of withholding vital information and treatments in the shadow of a deadly virus.  In the late 1980’s, AIDS was running rampant and Dr. Fauci being the head of infectious disease at the National Institute of Health, he was given the task of managing the outbreak and preventing further spread of the virus.  This was not done with any measure of efficiency either and he was the recipient of much criticism at that time.   

Anthony Fauci and The Drug Bactrim

The drug, Bactrim was introduced as a treatment for the AIDS virus.  There were studies showing that it prevented a certain type of pneumonia which killed many AIDS patients.  Many doctors and AIDS advocates asked Dr. Fauci to endorse the drug and push for its approval to save lives, but Fauci refused.  Even though he had received the evidence that Bactrim was effective, he went on record publicly and encouraged AIDS patients not to take the drug and that it was dangerous for people with HIV.  This led to protests among AIDS advocates.  Today Bactrim is recognized by the US government as a treatment, but thousands died as a result of Fauci’s attempt to stop the use of the drug. 

Another example of Dr. Fauci’s inconsistencies when it comes to treatments for the corona virus is the use of hydroxychloroquine.  Social media posts claim there was an email from Dr. Fauci urging a family member to use the drug to treat the virus but then in a press conference later that evening, Fauci criticized Donald Trump for saying this drug was useful in fighting the virus.  Critics have questioned his hypocritical his role as a scientific expert during the pandemic and claim to have proof of emails showing Fauci saying one thing privately and something else publicly.  Of course, there are supporters of Fauci who say those emails do not exist.  Fauci had said that the drug needed more trials to prove its effectiveness and identify other possible health risks of using the drug.  In other emails, Fauci admitted the drug showed effectiveness but that he was waiting on other reports to confirm this by the National Institute of Health. 

 In the light of all the misinformation from Dr. Fauci, one thing rings true.  Whether of not you are a supporter and whether or not you believe that emails were found showing his inconsistencies, it is very difficult to trust with any certainty his opinions on the treatment of the corona virus.  Most recently, Dr. Fauci as been in support of vaccine mandates and states that getting the pandemic under control could require many more of these mandates.  The vaccine has also received criticism with claims that it has caused major health problems and even death in some patients.  In light of this, individual freedom to not take the vaccine being taken away is very concerning.  The Delta  

variant and its high transmission rate has been the reason Dr. Fauci has given as the reason for needing more vaccine mandates.  With only 74 percent of the US population being vaccinated, it is likely that Fauci will continue to push for this.