Dr. Fauci Apologizes for Saying Covid Fight Will Last Until Fall 2022

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The medical adviser of president Joe Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci backtracked about his previous statement regarding getting control of coronavirus in fall 2022.

During his interview with CNN, the medical advisor apologized and clarified that he meant that if more people get jabbed sooner, the COVID19 pandemic will be in control starting spring 2022 instead of fall.

He cleared the air saying the country will beat the virus by spring next year. 

Reiterating the Same Lines

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious disease further clarified that if the majority of the population is fully vaccinated, life can return to normal. 

Not only those who have been safe from the coronavirus but even the individuals recovered from COVID-19 must get vaccinated.

He further explained that the virus is pretty strong and does change with time. With the protective measures taken, the virus was likely to be controlled earlier this July, but a punch of delta variant came along.

Uncertainty and More Confusion Does Not Bode Well For the Biden Admin

The White House COVID tsar clarified that even though the given time frame mentioned spring 2022 should return us to our everyday routines, it is still uncertain.

Dr. Fauci notes that the spread and transmission of COVID-19 depend on the individuals and their compliance with regard to vaccine intake. 

He notes that at the present moment, there are 90 million unvaccinated people. If they don’t get vaccinated, this thing could keep lingering and lead to the evolution of another variant.

Dr. Fauci has indeed been in the spotlight for his contradicting statements not once but twice. During the early crises in spring 2020, he told the Americans not to bother about wearing face masks. Later, he changed his opinion and became a huge advocate of public masking. At the same time, his emails showed that the masks you can get at your local shop, cloth masks, and other similar masks provide little value.

The director of the National Institutes of Health has faced a backlash for his flip-flopping statements. Previously, he defended himself, saying people who criticize him contradict science. Is he trying to say that he is the ultimate authority on science? He is the one true prophet that understands how to translate data?

Dr. Fauci and the Biden admin is in a bit of a bind. The Biden team was supposed to step in and do a fantastic job in turning COVID-19 around. They were supposed to deploy the vaccines that were created under the Trump admin via Operation Warp speed. They were supposed to follow the science and put an end to the plague. But what is happening is that the situation is far from under control.

Despite extreme measures taken by Democrat oriented leaders in Michigan, California, and other places, they are still seeing flare ups of the disease. To further add more frustration, especially to those that ran out and took the vaccines hoping for full immunity, more individuals are noting that breakthrough COVID-19 cases seem to be more frequent.

It is breaking through the common refrain of “just take the vaccine and you will be fine, man.”

It is no wonder why President Biden and his approval ratings are down. Despite the vaccine efforts, hospitalizations are still up. While many people recover and move on spikes in hospitalization rates do not provide confidence. This coupled with inflation, a border crisis, a botched Afghanistan exit, and other crises do not bode well for the current regime.

FDA Provides Full Approval

Meanwhile, FDA granted full approval to Pfizer, BioNTech’s two-doses of the COVID19 vaccine on Monday. 

The Moderna COVID19 vaccine, sold under the brand name Spikevax, expects to be fully approved this fall.