Fauci Does Not Understand How Natural Immunity Works

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Here is what Fauci noted when Dr. Sanjay Gupta inquired about natural immunity.

“I get calls all the time, people say, ‘I’ve already had COVID, I’m protected.’ And now, the study says, maybe even more protected than the vaccine alone. Should they also get the vaccine? How do you make the case to them?” Gupta inquired of the great “two mask” Fauci recently. Fauci responded and noted that he couldn’t answer the question.

He noted “I don’t have a really firm answer for you on that.”

The funny part here is that CNN asked a hardball question to the patron Saint Fauci. CNN of all media organizations. They probably thought the all knowing Fauci would have a comprehensive answer here. Nope. He did not. But why did he not have an answer on this simple and legitimate question? The answer is quite is a bit more nuanced. Is Dr. Fauci ignorant or is merely pushing a certain agenda, so to speak? It is hard to miss information like this when it is a rather critical one in these times.

Studies indicate that those with natural immunity are likely better off than those without.

This was a bombshell report. But a fact that many were talking about for a while. As more realized that the novel coronavirus is similar to the flu, in many ways, they went out and about and continue live their lives without issues. But others, they still have significant levels of fear. It is quite unfortunate that we still have a certain level of heightened fear almost two years into the pandemic.

Who would have thought that Natural Immunity is Better?

The sad part is that Fauci and “company” do not really have a firm answer on anything important. For instance, do we have to wear masks? Yes, and then no. Then, yes again. What kind of masks? Do we need the special masks that doctors and healthcare workers wear? No, any mask will do just fine. But of course, we all know that isn’t true. Any mask will not do just fine when you are seeing medical professionals usually wearing more protective gear. Then, what is the deal with vaccinations? It is regularly pushed and that is what Fauci and company have a firm answer on. Unfortunately, the data shows that vaccinations may not be the end all factor that it is being marketed as. At least from data that we are seeing from Israel, Seychelles, and other countries.

The reason why he cannot answer the question is because it is hard to effectively answer when you continue to push for vaccines and masks. If you do not account for natural immunity, something that has obviously been present since the dawn of mankind in some form or fashion. The fact is that various sicknesses have arrived and humans have had to adapt to survive.

They have had to adapt in some form to ensure to move on from that issue. Sure, diseases may have affected a portion of people when it comes about at first. But then humans overcome. That is the main point that many people push aside and totally forget. It is not about realizing that humans have survived various pandemics and many continue to recover during the current one, that, any thinking person can easily conclude. While it is certainly a fact that humans collectively, are largely resilient, many people forget.

Instead of strength and robustness, what is pushed is fear. Instead of better diets, exercise, and better habits, a simple jab will do ya.

The constant narrative is fear and more forms of government centralization. It is even more so at a time when the government is increasingly financing more of its obligations with debt. At a time where more strength is necessary, more are relying on the government.

These times make very little sense.