Fewer Cops in NYC Means More Crime and More Problems

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Ah, New York City, it is an interesting place. It is home to significant financial transactions, a wide group of varying types of people, and a great deal of problems. The city is now home to a slew of problems due to poor policies and incompetent politicians.

From snafus related to the government response to the pandemic and the current imposition to force vaccinations in one form or fashion, the city and the state continues to move from one blunder to the next.

The latest issue is NYC’s war on its blue forces.

New York City Embraces Garbage and Low Rates of Key Government Workers

New York City faces a challenging moment as heaps of garbage continue to accumulate; firehouses remain closed, and inadequate police officers and ambulances in the streets. NYC’s deterioration comes due to the fact that municipal council workers have remained adamant in imposing the COVID-19 jab despite the hesitation of the critical NYC workers.

The municipality issued a 5 pm deadline for essential service providers like police officers, garbage collectors, and firefighters to get at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The employees who fail to comply with this requirement might be put on compulsory unpaid leave from Monday.

Key City Workers are Fighting Back Against Government Mandates

Mayor Bill de Blasio has maintained a firm stand on the jab mandate as firefighters and other essential service providers skipped garbage pick-ups. At the same time, the NYC police union sought an appeal to halt the vaccine requirement.

Nonetheless, de Blasio maintained a firm position on the issue, revealing that NYC will depend on its contingencies to maintain the required staffing and safety through extra shifts and mandatory overtime. However, the mayor termed the current state unacceptable and promised to adopt Sunday working shifts to minimize trash pile-ups.

Currently, about 20% of the city employees have not met the jab mandate. This includes 29% of the city’s firefighters, 21% police officers, and 33% of NYC’s sanitation workers. Nonetheless, jail guards in NYC still have a month to comply with the new law.

Over 33,000 city employees remained unvaccinated by Thursday. However, NYC’s administration revealed that it would provide an updated position on Saturday.

Nonsensical Mandates Hurts Everyone

The problem here is that the government is getting in the way of people doing their jobs. The government is supposed to work for the people and not against the people. When did a small group of people in government, the Lori Lightfoot’s, the Whitmer’s, the De Blasio’s and other people, have so much say over what the rest of the population could do?

When did they get to have the power to shut down businesses, fire or threaten fire masses of people at will, and keep people locked up in their homes over a virus that killed a small percentage of people? It is startling how the world has changed in instant.

The world is supposed to be getting better but it is seems like it is becoming worse due to the impositions of a small minority.