Former US Colonel Terms Zelensky as a Puppet, Not Hero

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The former Trump-appointed advisor to the Secretary of Defense has claimed that the Russian forces have been very gentle on Ukraine. Retired Colonel Macgregor also watered down the media narrative that pictures Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as a brave hero. In the eyes of the ex-Trump appointee, Zelensky is only a puppet.

In Macgregor’s view, there was nothing heroic in President Zelensky’s acts of resistance against the invading Russian forces. In essence, the retired colonel explained that the Russian troops were very gentle on Ukraine.

The ex-Trump man also revealed that Russian forces had taken steps to correct their mistakes five days ago and remained confident that the war would be completely over in the next ten days.

In Macgregor’s view, the war between Russia and Ukraine could have ended days ago if President Zelensky had taken the bold move to accept Putin’s administration demands. To date, it is clear that Vladimir Putin wants a neutral Ukraine.

According to the retired colonel, Zelensky is a puppet using his political powers to put huge Ukrainians in unwarranted risks considering the current bloodshed.

Being aware that some media personalities would portray him as a pro-Putin or pro-Russian, Macgregor cautioned that all he said only represented his opinions on what could have been one to prevent the losses incurred in Ukraine.

The retired colonel affirmed that a neutral Ukraine would be good for Russia and the United States as it would create a buffer that the two economies have sought for decades. However, Macgregor accused Zelensky of derailing the process under the instruction of western economies, which could be very tragic for the citizenry that has to live through the traumatic experiences.

Whether you agree with Macgregor or not, you must acknowledge that the retired colonel has the right to his opinion in the same way those in support of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s position on the conflict have been allowed to express their views. Remember, these are only opinions. However, people who have never been to war may not support the issues raised by the retired colonel.