Here’s The Main Reason Why You Loathe Lockdowns

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Lockdowns genuinely challenged freedom loving and critically thinking individuals. It affected other individuals too, but it had a greater impact on those who appreciate the idea of freedom of movement in all aspects. 

The point about free movement is an aspect that is underappreciated. When you have the opportunity to move around, there are times where you do not have as much motivation to do so. But when the opportunity to move freely is taken away from you, it genuinely affects your mental health.

But why is that?

The truth is that options matter. Individuals do not like the idea of feeling trapped in an enclosed space for long periods of time. Crucially, it is essential to remember that this “feeling of being trapped” does not have to apply to a physical setting but to a mental setting as well. If one feels as if they do not have options in life and will certainly stagnate due to external impositions, that can create a significant portion of internal distress.

Again, this is important to think about in the United States.

Lockdowns and Societal Interactions

As noted previously on Sentry Hill, crime rates have risen in places such as New York City, and other prominent places across the United States. 

Various data points note that the United States saw that there was an increase in murder last year, in 2020. It may have been one of the largest one year increases since it has been measured. Now, before 2020, the highest number of murders in a city like Milwaukee was in 1991 and the city has been able to see a decline in numbers every year since 2015. 

But post COVID-19, and government interventions, cities like Milwaukee have seen a higher rate of crime incidence in more ways than one. The issues stem from mental health due to confinement, unemployment, and general routine deprivation.

Others have noted the rise of protests and riots across the United States in 2020 as another expression of this frustration of feeling trapped. 

While riots are never a net contributor to positive and significant progress, economically or societal, it is important to note that a widespread feeling of despair did bring about significant aggression. At the same time, this feeling is still present within the United States. 

One can note the increase in specific acts of violence toward various groups of people ranging from Asian or Pacific Islanders to Israelis or the Jewish population as of late.

But a majority of this has been about how the lockdown measures and interventions affected individuals on societal and relational basis. How has it affected them economically?

Lockdowns and Economic Impact in The United States

SentryHill has reported in the past of how there are a variety of factors affecting individuals from a larger level. What are the main aspects that individuals must pay attention to with the government response to COVID-19.

  • The government continues to debase the dollar with stimulus packages and so while a portion of assets should stay liquid, other assets like gold, silver, and appropriately priced stocks 
  • The stimulus payments are based on debt on an already greatly indebted nation
  • Debt by definition is deflationary and that can have a significant drag on economic progress
  • The United States must fund its ongoing and massive intervention and so taxes should rise for all regardless of what the current administration says.
  • Tax proposals such as the global minimum tax, mileage tax, and potential targeting of higher taxes on real estate in addition to inflation as another form of tax is a pressing problem.
  • In the short term the world is experiencing inflationary pressures due to supply chain disruptions and a massive injection of cash that took place due to the global lockdowns. That will continue to have an impact on consumer goods, housing prices, used cars and other segments.

The Main Reason Why You Hate Lockdowns

The primary reason why you hated lockdowns in the United States is that it was an imposition that had mixed results. While the positive results are uncertain, the negative results from crime increases to massive wealth destruction are certain. Further, the negative results of deaths to depression, suicide, and other mental health concerns are certain. Finally, the aspect of more American individuals on SNAP or general government benefits show the level of reliance on government over the past.

The United States is supposed to be a country that provides a foundation for upward mobility. The promise is that if you reach the United States legally you have the opportunity to go from a bus driver or a janitor to a CEO. It shows that the path may be tough but that many people have gone from being rug sellers to creating massive wealth for themselves. But lockdowns trampled on the pursuit of liberty, freedom, and other key tenets of the United States and what it stands for.

Instead of promoting economic progress and growth, it shut everything down and kept individuals in a frozen state.