How to heat your home without electricity

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Are your heating methods interrupted when the electricity goes off? It could be the right time to think about how to heat your home without electricity, particularly this winter. We know how hectic staying in a cold house can be this season.

Here’s how to heat your home without electricity:

1. Reactivate your fireplace

Getting your fireplace fully functional can be a great way to warm your house without electricity. However, you will need to get an extra stock of firewood to maintain the warmth of your home.

2. Get your generator running

You may have to go back to your generator to heat your home without electricity. However, you may be well-placed if you can afford plenty of gasoline before it gets colder.

3. Install a good space heater

A good space heater can be a great alternative if you don’t have a fireplace or generator. In particular, propane space heaters will help you a great deal if your house is well-ventilated. In addition, space heaters (particularly kerosene heaters) are cleaner to use indoors. However, you will have to take extra caution and install a carbon monoxide detector.

5. Use lamps

Kerosene lamps are the safest to use indoors. Be keen to maintain a blue flame when your kerosene lamp burns to reduce carbon monoxide production. Remember, one lamp may not serve you as you desire. As such, you may have to install several lamps to get the warmth you want.

6. Use sunlight

You keep your curtains drawn every time you want to keep the cold out. However, you may let sunlight in and keep the cold out if you use clear shower towels, which will make a significant difference.

7. Generate heat by cooking

It could be the a great opportunity to change your routine if you are used to outside eateries. Remember, the steam produced when you cook is enough to keep your house warm. Similarly, eating the hot meals you cook will keep you warm. Of course, your stove or cooking appliances would have to be powered by differently.