India Among Countries To Stay Silent On Russian Special Operation

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India abstained from voting on the United Nations General Assembly’s resolution adopted Wednesday. The resolution sought to deplore Russia’s aggressive invasion of Ukraine. Remember, India had abstained from voting against Moscow two times before.

The UN held the voting session to adopt the resolution demanding the Russian Federation to halt its use of force against Ukraine and withdraw its military operations. The 193-member UN General assembly saw 143 members voting in favor of the resolution, 35 abstaining from voting, and 5 states voting against the resolution.

The Abstainers and Those Who Voted Against

Those who voted against – North Korea, Eritrea, Syria, Russia and Belarus.

Those who abstained – Iraq, Iran, India, Pakistan, and China.

Why Did India Stay Silent?

In a comment, India’s representative to the United Nations, TS Trimurti, revealed that New Delhi had chosen to abstain from voting as it kept in view the totality of the evolving situation. Trimurti said that India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, had conveyed to Ukraine and Russia’s leadership, the importance of applying dialogue and diplomacy when solving their conflicts.

Similarly, Trimurti revealed that the government of India was still positive that the second round of talks between Moscow and Kyiv were going to yield positive outcomes. In particular, Trimurti defended India’s voting position at the UN Assembly by revealing that Modi’s government was in total support of the efforts upheld by the international community’s call for a ceasefire and peaceful humanitarian access to the war-torn areas.

The Indian representative to the United Nations highlighted the death of a student from Karnataka in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and revealed that his government considered the safe passage of any stranded Indian national in Ukraine as its top priority.

India Provides Help to Ukraine

Trimurti further highlighted that the government of India had gone an extra mile to send humanitarian aid comprising of relief materials and medicines to Ukraine. Similarly, Trimurti upheld that the government of India was determined to do more as it plans to dispatch more relief materials.

The United Nations resolution dubbed, Aggression Against Ukraine was cosponsored by 100 member states, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Afghanistan, Singapore, Kuwait, Germany, Ukraine, France, and Ireland.

The resolution sought to push for dialogue and negotiation for an immediate peace deal between Ukraine and Russia. Similarly, the cosponsors took advantage of the solution to condemn the involvement of other countries like Belarus and Moscow’s position on alerting its nuclear forces.

India and Russia

This is not the first time India has abstained from voting on security issues touching Russia. On February 25, New Delhi took a similar position at the United Nations Security Council resolution on the aggression of Moscow against Kyiv.

Similarly, India abstained from voting on the UN’s Security Council resolution on February 27 that sought to hold a special emergency session of the international organ’s General Assembly to contemplate Russia’s ongoing attack against Ukraine.

When looking at other reasons why India may have abstained, one would look at the overall past history with Russia. Remember that Russia has provided India with support in the past.

The relationship started since India’s independence. It is a very unstable region. India has China encroaching on its borders. Pakistan that has been contentious since India’s independence and internal issues it must resolve.

It is interesting to note others who have also abstained