Is the General Media Seeking To Fracture the United States?

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There is this notion that the United States is not making progress any many fronts. That is a narrative peddled by many in the general media. Yes, that is a fact. If one looks left and right, one can see problems in education, physical infrastructure, and other elements of American life. But it is hard to say that American society has not been progressing since the 1960s on race relations. 

Americans have been able to find great progress on this element regardless of what various media outlets might say. For instance, many African American individuals have been able to generate wealth from their efforts in sports, general business, music, and every area of work. From police officers to politicians to the Al Sharptons of this world to Robert Smith, and actors, to vine stars, to interracial marriage with examples like O.J Simpson or others, and more, one can’t deny that the United States has made massive progress on this front.

From mayors to councilmen to other police chiefs and coaches to political commentators, African American men and women have progressed to elevated levels across the board.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the President of the United States for eight years, President Barack Hussein Obama, was African American. He won two terms with our current President as the V.P!

Yet the media begs to differ. They continue to fan the flames of race politics every chance they get. Sure, it can get clicks and views but at the same time, it creates further problems and makes people look elsewhere. Instead of looking at the trade deficit between the United States and China, or the lack of genuine solid education in the United States, the public ire turns to race matters in the largest melting pot on the planet!

It is 2021, and the media continues to point to isolated incidents in the United States to rile up its viewing audience. Despite words of wisdom from actors like Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington who have talked more rationally when interviewed about this matter, many seek to point out similar talking points that inspire hate.

General Media Outlet NBC News Edits Video To Make It Appear As Police Were At Fault

NBC News has had a history of issues with editing in the past. The station has had issues with editing the 911 phone call of George Zimmerman to make it seem more problematic.

But the news network is back at it again with a recent shooting incident. NBC News decided that it would be best to edit footage to show that the teen was shot when unarmed. In reality, the African American teenager was going to stab another black teenager. 

The media outlet seems to want to peddle a specific narrative and it is far from presenting the reality of the situation. On the flipside, one can note that CBS showed the entire picture, including this part”These grown girls over here trying to fight us, trying to stab us,” the caller says.

It is even worse to fan these flames when significant problems are on the rise from mental health issues to other deep problems present within the United States ranging from debt to other quality of life issues.

While the significant problems continue to move down the road, NBC News and other media outlets continue to distract, inspire hate and create divisiveness.