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The former 2020 Democratic party presidential candidate Andrew Yang and former New York mayoral candidate brought to public his intentions to leave democratic and changed his voters registration to independent. He says that democratic party is a political homelessness, in his website Yang believes that “no longer being a Democrat is the right thing and breaking up from Democratic party is the right thing to do because it will give me greater impact.” He continuous to say that he is not suggesting that people should also change their voting registration to independent just like him, as doing so can disenfranchise people if they are living in the 83% of the country that is very blue or very red. 

Why is Yang Leaving the Democratic Party?

Reasons that are making Yang to leave Democratic party is that he has launched the Forward Party PAC. He says the current two –party duopoly that is the Democratic party and Republican party have monopolized the political the political arena for United State of America (USA) and they are not working to improve the welfare of the citizens of USA. This two major parties have different issues and division is increasing day by day, he feels that the two parties neither of them can solve the problems. Yang wrote that throughout his twenties he remained a staunch Democrat, He was drawn primarily to national race making him to have a small fundraiser for John Kerry campaign and in 2008 he was thrilled with Barack Obama’s victory to a lesser extent when he was re-elected in 2012. In 2016 Yang donated to the Bernie campaign but then voted for Hillary Clinton against Trump. He viewed president Trump’s election as red flag and call for action. Yang still has confidence that no longer being a Democrat is the right thing.  

American Seek a Third Party?

Yang suggested  that Americans favor a third political party but  the two parties, the Democrats and Republicans, control the primary system that make it so hard for any meaningful  third party to come up. He notes that the two parties do not give room for effective and health competition and that’s what is drawing back United States. He argues that changing this tradition is both extraordinarily difficult but also imperative future for United States, he continues to say that people need to push for primaries and ranked-choice voting in the congressional race around the country. Yang thinks that by doing this it will bring down division and by making it that their representatives will be answerable to the broad majority. He thinks that this will make the entire country more reasonable and change the face of United States. Yang believes that this will bring up a new face. 

Yang is so optimistic that there can be positive political movement that is not born of rage and demonetization, but on optimism and solution if they can bring down duopoly parties that is Democratic party and republican and insert a healthy competition of malty party and his Forward Party is among the movement that is going to redeem United State. To continue depending on two parties then the political growth of the states will not move but remain stagnant. Having many movements that are political will continue acting as a watchdog to the political party in power in a certain period.