Italy Wants Help In Fighting Growing ISIL Threats

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Guess what? ISIL is back and Italy is calling for help to contain this growing ISIl threat.

ISIL, which originated from ISIS, is increasingly becoming a threat in the African continent. That’s why Italy’s foreign minister Luigi Di Maio is calling for a global alliance against this threat to take action. The highly esteemed minister is calling for the establishment of a capable task force in countering the havoc the ISIL group causes.

Although efforts by the global alliance have been made to eradicate them, rumors are going around that they are springing back up. Miao then urged the global alliance not to let their guard down for any reason. 

He said, “with the support of the USA and many other partners, I proposed the establishment of an Africa task force to identify and stop [ISIL]-related terrorist threats on the continent.” He also lauded the initiative Italy has taken, which is focusing their expertise and task force towards Africa while keeping track of other countries like Syria and Iraq.

ISIL has raised its activity and initiatives in Nigeria, Mozambique, DRC, and the Sahel in recent times, which has made his clamor even more relevant. Due to this reason, the alliance is calling a meeting in a short while and has decided to invite other countries like DRC and Yemen to the 78 countries already attending. 

ISIS or ISIL is Not Down for the Count

The common belief is that ISIL has been taken care of and that they are fully out of the picture. But how can that be true? A growing portion of the middle east is in a state of chaos. The region had a mild period of extreme hope during the Arab revolution where a wide variety of countries saw changes to leadership. But what was the aftermath of the revolution? It looks like its different faces, same politics.

For instance, in Egypt, they removed Mubarak and then replaced him with Al-Sisi, another Egyptian military leader. They traded one military leader for another one.

In a few places, the situation became even more dire. Yemen has been in a state of civil war for quite sometime now. Iraq has declined in its overall economic output and its wealth has been devastated after the fall of Hussein. Remember Syria? Still in in a state of civil war.

These places of extreme strife are breeding grounds for new groups like ISIS to grow and fester. It is either ISIL or ISIL affiliated groups that can come to the forefront, gain power and remain within a region.

But it gets even worse.

Libya is not a unified country anymore and is in a totally different level after the fall of their leader Gaddafi. After Gadaffi left, Libya fell into chaos and disarray, it is still seeking to rebound after almost a decade without its previous leader.

The fractured nation faces growing issues that range from hunger to human slave trade, foreign mercenaries, and much more. A recent report notes, “the UN estimates 20,000 foreign fighters and mercenaries are still in Libya – a presence seen as a threat to the UN-recognised transition leading to the elections.”

From a recent report, an expert in the region notes, “any realist must acknowledge that – and that’s a sad thing to acknowledge – that this weird peace that Libya has enjoyed over the last 12 months actually owes to the presence of foreign mercenaries on both sides. That’s what it comes down to, and of course it’s not politically correct to say.”

But you might say that when has there ever been peace in the Middle East? Of course, there has always been some form of strife but it seems that it has escalated significantly over the past two decades.