Joe Rogan “the Idiot” Vs. Experts

Sentry hill, sentryhill,sentryhill. Com,

Joe Rogan talked about Ivermectin and how it helped him with his COVID-19 sickness. Now, mind you that this was prescribed or condoned by his doctor, according to various reports. But still, for some reason, various vaccine leaning media organizations quickly jumped in and berated Rogan. He faced significant backlash from the usual suspects. But why?

Why did Rogan face such backlash for a form of treatment to a sickness provided to him by his doctor?

The main reason? It does not fit in line with the mainstream narrative. But the field of medicine, much like the general field of science, is supposed to be broad, it is supposed to allow for various medically trained doctors to make responsible decisions, and treat their patients to the best of their ability. They should be able to do so without backlash and significant turmoil.

But the regular theme in 2021 and beyond is that you either toe the line placed by the more woke media or you are seen as a neanderthal and an idiot. You are seen as one of Hillary’s “deplorables.” Think for yourself, hold a different stance, and take different actions? You’re automatically labeled as an outcast or someone who is ignorant and backward. It is a significant issue.

You are seeing how this level of emotion and regular stream of woke information drives a wedge in families and society on various aspects. These topics can range from climate change, an issue you are seeing that is ratcheting up in the media these days. But it can also include the definition of gender, gender roles, sexuality, and more.

If you are in line with everything that is thrown out at you on day to day basis, you’re in the mainstream club but if you aren’t you are defined as not sophisticated and educated enough.

The reason why many appreciate the Joe Rogan podcast is that he talks with a wide variety of popular and niche names. Rogan talks to doctors, boxers, celebrities and more about various topics. He admits that he’s an idiot but that’s why he INTERVIEWS others. The interviewee, whether it is a doctor, an engineer, a scientist, or a comedian, does a significant portion of the talking. But still, you’ll hear that the Rogan podcast is spreading false information about Ivermectin and that is causing hospitals to fill up with those who overdosed on Ivermectin. Those reports, by the way, were patently false, but if your only getting your news from particular media outlets, you’d never know.