Joy-Ann’s Remarks against Garland

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The ostensibly embattled United States Attorney General, Merrick Garland seems to have had his fair share of foes, ever since President Joe Biden assumed power, with many United States citizens expressing loss of faith in him. Every move he made seems to draw all the negative attention he could possibly get, with his accusers pinpointing the loopholes in his decisions within the Department of Justice. There has been countless conspiracies about this man hitting the news headlines most recently, from different leaders within the United States, backed by many other supporters in social media platforms, all in askance of how he exercised his powers. 

The most recent case circulating in the media houses and front pages of various newspapers is the case of remarks from the renowned television host from MSNBC, Joy-Ann Reid, famous for her prowess and work in journalism. She too had something to say about Merrick Garland. She, in a dialogue with Bennie Thompson, a Congressman in the United States heading the January 6 task force, gave her opinions on the state of affairs. She did not mince her words when she told the world of how racist the Department of Justice headed by the Attorney General was. According to her, the white perpetrators connected to the attack on the United States Capital on January 6 were not were not as severely charged as their black counterparts in similar criminal acts. She theoretically alluded to the Black Lives Matter case, pointing out that what had been done to the January 6 white perpetrators could in no way be applied to those linked to the atrocities of the Black Lives Matter movement. Reid insisted that the blacks who raided through American towns during the 2020 summer would in no way get the jail pass card as these white ones just did, in fear of not “radicalizing them more”. How outrageous! 

Politics as Usual

On the very show, Joy Reid interviewed Daniel Goldman, the veteran United States Attorney for the New York Southern District who was then President Trump’s House majority counsel in the indictment of the Kangaroo Court. Addressing Daniel, Reid alleged that being linked to Donald Trump in any way guaranteed an individual or rather a criminal leniency from the Department of Justice aided by the Attorney General. In a tweet, Merrick Garland had apparently defended the former President who had filed a lawsuit against one Jean Carroll, a lady who had accused the latter of rape.

A federal judge was requested to dismiss a lawsuit by the Attorney General against William Barr on his atrocities against Protestants in the Lafayette Square incident. William used an OLC memo to free Donald Trump of obstruction of justice which the Attorney General refused to release. The Trump Hotel was supposedly involved in corrupt activities and Dems won in a ruling on this case. However, the case was appealed, and a 50-year moratorium put on it, the period whose lapse would allow the release of materials from the hands of the grand juries. This is a crystal clear illustration of how the Attorney General would get out of his way to defend Donald Trump because in his mind, going against Trump in any manner would aggravate the already not so good situation with his supporters, associated with the nefarious acts of violence. 

The Regular Pursuit of Trump and a Losing Strategy

A close look at Garland’s actions would lead to one concluding that he and the President he served under had retained a very small sense of obliging to the United States law. This actions which the television host from MSNBC attests to would in the future come to the defense of the by then retired President, Joe Biden and a retired Attorney General Merrick Garland against legal and congressional scrutiny that the two would so much want to be not part of. As long as the Attorney General could detect and watch out for any turbulence that would come on Joe’s way with regards to this matter, he could keep his job. The strategy was to secure a soft landing towards the end of the term of Joe Biden’s regime for the two of them, flattening any bumps on the road that would hamper their end goal.  

The harsh truth that these leftists had failed to grasp was their continuously ending hold on power, which was diminishing by the day and indeed fleeting. Their future landslide loss of the House and the Senate was imminent and relentless. When they eventually lose the House, to be precise, the very principles that they are putting on the line now in pursuit of Donald Trump will no longer be there to defend them, nor those to come after them to rule. What would afterwards happen following this is very obvious. All and sundry will be of the motion that the President and all his principal Cabinet heads and the Attorney of the Department of Justice in extension, be accorded the very treatment the accorded the former President, Donald Trump. That would be the only way to serve justice and ensure that it cut across on all the parties involved here.