Justin Trudeau Tells Staffers Kamala Harris to Be President by 2022

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Reports indicate that Justin Trudeau told staffers at the G7 Summit that he expects Kamala Harris to be the President of the United States by 2022. Now, we do not know if this mere conjecture or if it has any merit. But it is always great to be aware of what may be at hand. Indeed, many individuals might have already had the impression that President Joe Biden is not fit to lead. From his many times where he showed that he was incoherent to minimal interaction with the press corps, it seems as if

President Donald Trump had the infamous nickname of “Sleepy Joe” for a few reasons. The current President of the United States has much less than vigor now then had while he was the Vice President of the United States of America. This is something that is of great importance to the people of the United States of America. The President of the United States represents the United States in more ways than one. If the President of the United States is deemed to be weak, incompetent, and far from understanding the nuances of the current political climate, this shows that the people of the United States may also seem to be this way.

Indeed, as noted in the past, as more Americans are relying on the government for their living from shelter to food, and deferral of payments, it indicates that the United States is headed down the path to serfdom. The right leadership is necessary to correct its course and it would be troubling if it were Kamala Harris to take over if something were to happen to Biden in late 2022.

Kamala Harris Had To Fall Back For A Reason

There is a reason that Kamala Harris was far from making progress during her run for the Presidential election. The public didn’t find her all that competent. Her policies were not in line with what they were expecting and she didn’t make sense. As such, due to the failure of her campaign, she felt that it was necessary to withdraw from running for the presidency. Harris could not explain to the American People how she could make a difference and why she was fit to lead. There was no clear rationale for her candidacy and unfortunately, there is still isn’t any clear rationale for her post as the Vice President.

What is even more troubling is that it seems as if Harris may be the one calling the shots as she’s the one visiting places such as Israel and going to to address critical issues like illegal immigration in Guatemala. While we’re at it, it seemed like protestors in Guatemala agreed that Trump won the election. But that is a bit of a digression. The issue with Harris is that her policies represent those of the radical left. Trump warned earlier that he would not look forward to Harris being the President of The United States as that could lead to more court packing, more leftist policies that have plagued California (where she’s from) and would lead to a further decline of the United States.

But curiously, we are hearing Biden refer to Kamala as the president and so are leaders at places like Mexico that have noted that they have accidentally called Harris the president. Still, we already seeing how the Biden Admin is dropping the ball on immigration, on Israel relations, and other factors that range from inflation to key economic issues that matter.

These regular subtle references by world leaders to Harris being the President, either now, or in the future seem quite troubling and should present a bit of pause to American citizens. Are you ready for a potential Harris presidency?