Kamala Harris, Border Czar, Finally Makes It Real

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Que Pasa, Kamala?  What’s that you say? Your visit to the Texas border was all part of your plan to address the “root causes” of the thousands of immigrants streaming into our country.  Do you really expect us to swallow that garbage?  It only took you 93 days to get there.

The American people are smarter than you think, and we are on to your phony media hike to El Paso.  Did you venture into the Rio Grande Valley swamp areas where the cartels are lurking with the alligators?  Of course you didn’t.  Did you visit with the rancher families that have immigrants trudging over their land, hiding in their barns, and begging for food and water?  Of course you didn’t.  But our Republican congressmen and women did.  So did several news journalists from major networks.  So why did you go?

The fact is, you were shamed into going to the border by Republicans, Former President Trump, NBC News, and even your own party.  Visiting El Paso instead of the epicenter is proof of that.  You went to save face (and not your country) and therefore, your visit wasn’t a result of genuine concern.  After all, you wouldn’t want to put yourself in the middle of a human crisis for a media moment.  Most of the MSM didn’t even give you only but a few brief moments of coverage.  Even CNN’s coverage was clearly not thrilled with you.

These immigrants crossing our border know your administration is weak. Venezuelans are laughing at us. In fact, my source tells me (an immigration lawyer) that our government is sending legal immigrants to the Donna Texas facility to manage the tents with thousands of people.  They are working 16 hours a day at a wage of $30 an hour.  How about that, Kamala?  Do the American people know where their tax money is going?  I don’t think so.  But I wish you would have opened up our states and our businesses as fast as you opened the border.

So What about Those Root Causes of the Border Issue?

I’m not quite sure what your problem is. There are still no answers from the Border Czar except that you inherited a crisis from the former administration, and it’s going to take more work. There is a reason you have no answers.  It’s because your administration IS the root cause.  All you had to do was leave it alone. All you had to do was continue to take the hard line stance of the prior leadership.  However, there is one important thing you did accomplish, and that was showing us your true colors today, Kamala, and they are green, white, and red.