Let’s Give Teens Airpods if They Get the Vaccine

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Airpods or negative peer pressure. Lottery tickets for adults or lose your job. Either surrender to the “science” laid out by the CDC and get a variety of rewards from doughnuts to lottery tickets or find yourself as an outcast.

The latest idea that is present in the world right now is, let’s give teens Airpods if they get the vaccination. Its another idea floated by elected officials in DC.

Entice Teens To Get the Vaccine with Airpods

The Mayor of DC, Muriel Bowser recently noted a brand spanking new COVID-19 vaccination initiative. The initiative will target those who are from twelve to seventeen years of age and will provide teens with a coveted item, Apple Airpods. Of course, the city will not have an infinite supply of Airpods. If your teen wants a free Airpod, they will need to quickly run to local providers and get with the program.

What is even more interesting is that local teenagers can also have a chance to obtain an iPad or over $20,000 in scholarships. Now, the iPad, just like the Airpods is not necessarily the most affordable, but with enough work, one can earn it in a reasonable timeframe. Conversely, over $20,000 in scholarships? That certainly makes quite a bit of difference. Yep, college education costs keep on going up and dangling a chance at having college paid for one year in a time where inflation is a problem? That’s a pretty big deal. If you are not in the right place economically, a place where many find themselves, then these items and scholarships helps you to quickly buy in and obtain the vaccine.

But the DC government has also sweetened the pot, if parents bring their children to the vaccination sites they can also obtain gift cards, too! There’s specific vaccination sites that parents will have to visit to make sure that their children are properly vaccinated.

DC seems to make steady progress in its vaccination rates as reports indicate that over 60% of adults in that area have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine. Further, public schools in DC will mandate masks no matter what as they open up in late August.

Provide Everyone With The Right Information on Vaccines

Sure, the various incentives are acceptable, even if the federal government and state governments don’t have that many funds, and continue to increase debt positions. But it is necessary to ensure that individuals have the right information. It is necessary that they don’t merely hear that everything with the vaccine is impressive and perfect. It is necessary for individuals to know about the potential drawbacks of the vaccine and the side effects. Then, it is up to them to understand the risks present and take the vaccination of their own accord. No, this is not some sort of political stance, it is merely what the United States is all about, or at least, that is what it was about at one point.

You should have the liberty to make your decisions and should be able to access a wide variety of legitimate information around the topic. It should not be censored by prominent technology firms, you should not have to feel like an idiot because you are thinking twice about a new type of vaccine. You should also be able to have the ability to go to keep your job, and have the freedoms you were used to, before all of this craziness took place.