Los Angeles Re- Imposes Mask Mandate

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Los Angeles just imposed mask madates for vaccinated and those who are not vaccinated. This is an important announcement as Austin Texas has also followed similar moves and will bring in health policies. Meanwhile, Melbourne is the second city in Australia to lockdown only after 18 cases. Further, vaccinated teams like the New York Yankees are noticing a few vaccinated players are being affected by COVID-19, so much so that they have postponed a game. This is after Israel, a largely vaccinated nation, noticed and increase in cases two weeks ago and started rolling measures to heighten safety protocols.

There are reports from Asian countries from Pakistan to Indonesia and others that have pushed significantly on vaccinations, where they are seeing more cases. Meanwhile, in other areas such as the Middle East, in areas where they are facing power outages, droughts, and intense heat, are also seeing cases rise.

Mask Mandate and What It Could Signal For the Future

The Los Angeles Mask Mandate could indicate the coming of further lockdowns in the United States. Although, this may not be politically palatable. Even Britain has capitulated and recently noted that individuals should learn to live with COVID-19. This may also confirm that booster shots will certainly be in vogue as more reports come about of vaccinated people contracting infections. Countries like Israel continue to do more research around the vaccine and how COVID-19 affects men, women, and people of age differently.