Michigan Governor Whitmer Is Sorry For Getting Caught

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Michigan Governor Whitmer is sorry for getting caught. But what was the problem? What did Michigan Governor Whitmer do wrong? It wasn’t anything major really, at least if you think about it from a rational standpoint. But if you were to think about it from a covidiot perspective, it would be the worst thing in the world. Again, what did she do wrong?

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was caught with others enjoying some food and drink at an East Lansing restaurant. But why is it news? Why is it a big deal in 2021? Well, it is because she’s going against her own imposition. Whitmer was violating her very own state-imposed social distancing guidelines. This is yet another example of rules for thee but not for me, an issue that continues to pop up among democratic lawmakers in places like Michigan, California, and other places that have imposed extreme rules on their respective citizenry.

The Governor was kind enough to provide a public statement on the matter after the image came out showing her with a rather massive party of people, who were also unmasked. The large party was able to come together by combining several tables together with over twelve people present within her party.

How did the image surface? One of the attendees couldn’t help themselves and took an image of the party, then posted it to social media without thinking about the consequences. The individual would remove the image later on but by then it was too late. The truth had inadvertently come out.

The Restrictions by Governor Whitmer on Restaurants

At the present moment, restaurants must abide by capacity limits put forth by Whitmer and her advisors. That means that they must still adhere to rules such as the fact that you can only seat six people at one table. Further, the coronavirus experts in Michigan note that you must place separate tables at least six feet apart.

Whitmer noted that she’s been steadfast in following public health protocols during the pandemic, but it is hard to trust that when one goes against these reccomendations in such an egregious manner.

She noted to the press “”yesterday, I went with friends to a local restaurant. As more people arrived, the tables were pushed together. Because we were all vaccinated, we didn’t stop to think about it.” She further noted that she was human and the she made a mistake and that she apologizes for her folly.

The issue is not about Governor Whitmer being human, it is rather about something much more sinister.

The issue here is that there are different rules for different Whitmer and company while others have to adjust and suffer in various ways for not staying in line. Whether it is fines, lack of business due to covid-19 restrictions and regulations, or other sorts of real economic or social impact, a large portion of the populace will suffer due to these restrictions and guidelines.

Other governors are taking a different approach. Instead of imposing significant restrictions, they are letting the people make the choice. If businesses feel safer with their own rules, that is up to them. If individuals want to eat in or patronize restaurants and other places that require masks, that is also up to the individual to respect those guidelines.

Covid-19 cases within the United States are falling and are at an eleven month low according to NPR and other sources.

What is more interesting is that at this point, many individuals across the United States are likely to walk freely without the masks and without being vaccinated, still there does not seem to be a rise in cases. At that point, it is easy to wonder what is all of this genuinely about then?

This is a news item of note because transparency and accountability matters in a democracy. At least they realized the value of supporting local businesses like Landshark Bar and Grill.