Morgan Freeman Schools Don Lemon On Racism

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Morgan Freeman is a well respected individual and a noteworthy actor. He also has a quite a bit of wisdom when it comes to trending affairs. Freeman also thinks rationally, a skill or trait that is far from present within the world today. He had a conversation with Don Lemon on CNN a few years ago where he talked to the anchor about racism.

What is intriguing is that this is a conversation that took place around seven years ago and that same conversation is not taking place today. See, before, it was a conversation, and now it is a one sided narrative. The concepts revolve around racism, income inequality, lack of equity, CRT, and a slew of other topics that focus on differences instead of concepts that empower, create value, and help society to advance from a fundamental level.

Lemon does not have to worry about inflation, the droughts in the west coast, or other real matters, he earns by providing surface level commentary on race and other elements. While power outages become a real problem in California, water that tastes like dirt in California, and other elements affect people, Lemon basks in his millions for spreading a specific story on inequality and race.

Thankfully, people with a little sense like Morgan Freeman, ensure to help provide a little wisdom and common sense in public discourse.

Morgan Freeman Talks about the Value of A Vibrant Society

Morgan Freeman pushes back against the same story by talking about the value of a vibrant society held together by a strong middle class. Indeed, the value of a vibrant society is immeasurable. How one should judge an economically prosperous society is by the ability to advance from one place to the other. It is not about the mere fact that some people while are rich while others live a decent life and some are poor. What one must focus is on is the data and stories of those who have came from nothing or from modest families and shot into higher income brackets and have increased their wealth by ten or a hundred fold.

Indeed, one could say that Don Lemon is one of these people. He was able to find himself in a modest income setting in the United States and went to school, learned what he could, looked at the opportunities in his field and found a way that he could be quite successful. He went after it and counts himself among wealthy people in the United States of America, a country, which he seems to despise for its many flaws.

Morgan Freeman, on the other hand, understands the value of the United States and what it offers to those who seek opportunities. He says that anyone can make it in the United States if they put their mind to it. He talks about the power of paying attention and focusing on what matters in life to get where you want to be and to improve each day.

Don Lemon is Ironically Quite Privileged

What befuddles any rational thinker is how Don Lemon can be so adamant on race when he had an African American mother and a Caucasian father. It is ironic that the individual chosen to be CNN’s preacher for various types of issues related to racism is living proof that the United States has made significant strides in that arena. He is by all means a successful media personality, who has a net worth of 12 million, and a salary that is in the millions per year.

It is safe to say that Don Lemon has quite a bit of privilege and earns a great by harping on a topic that divides.

But Don Lemon was not only talking about race, he was also talking about the same old spiel about income inequality and racism. To Don Lemon’s surprise, Morgan Freeman said some intriguing things. Don Lemon might have thought Morgan Freeman would have already been in the Don Lemon school of thought that focuses on all the negative elements instead of the positive elements present within American society.