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My Fellow Americans: 

We hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday masked and vaccinated.  At this time, we would like to introduce you to the newest Covid Variant, Omicron, just in time to bummer your Christmas Spirit. You know the drill.  You’ve been practicing for 2 years.  And if you don’t know the drill, we will make life even more difficult for you until you get it right. 

You’re Welcome, 

Signed your government. 

Welcome to the biggest 3rd Annual Corporate Secret Santa Re-gifting party ever!  Is there anyone surprised by this new Covid variant?  I’m certainly not.  In fact, I’ve been expecting it.  Just when we think we’re pulling out of this oppressive time, they hit us again. So let’s ruin Christmas.  Don’t go out and shop. Shop online and kick small business in the teeth again.  Don’t travel, no parades, no gatherings, no nothing for you. Food and consumer products are in short supply already, and now this.  They really are the Grinch who stole Christmas. (Come to think of it….Joe Biden looks good all green) 

As far as we’re told by the fake news media, there are only 100 cases reported in South Africa and none here in the United States. The Biden Administration was quick to jump on this one just in time for Christmas. On Fox Business this morning, Dr. Amesh, (another infectious disease expert) stated that if you’re vaccinated, please feel free to shop and participate in all the glittering festivities.  But if you are not vaccinated, please feel free to stay home. After all, there is no place like home for holidays. 

According to the FDA website, there are no authorized COVID-19 antigen or molecular tests that specifically report the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 any variants. Currently, COVID-19 tests are designed to check broadly for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, including the SARS-CoV-2 delta variant. Only genome sequencing can detect virus variants, and that technology is quite pricey. It’s only been one day since the news came out, so how did they determine this new variant so quickly?  

In the past 24 hours, every news pundit has already been interviewed over and over.  News outlet Axios reports the State of New York has already declared a state of emergency.  The stock market took a record dive on Friday at closing bell supposedly in response to the new variant.  But we all know that’s not the real reason.  Biden’s policies suck.  That’s why. 

According to Business Insider, Pfizer and Moderna can adapt its vaccine to be effective against Omicron within 100 days.  Really?  So our Government can buy another 100 million doses to stuff the pockets of the drug companies and then reap the dividends in their stock portfolios?  This sounds like a coup to me, doesn’t it? It worked twice before, so why change anything? 

Frankly speaking, at first I thought Omicron was a new hi-tech watch or another gizmo of some sort that I would find under my Christmas tree, but it was nothing more than an old re-gift from the past.