National Education Association (NEA) to Debate Vaccine Demands before Resuming in Person

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The National Education Association (NEA) is set to hold debates on whether its members should meet demands for mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for students and staff resuming school this fall. The demands may apply to over 3 million teachers who are expected to participate in face-to-face instruction when schools open in fall.

The demands by NEA come only months after the federal government had authorized a single jab of the two-dose Pfitzer vaccine for children aged between 12 and 15. Similarly, federal authorities had recommended two shots of the Moderna vaccine and a shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for adults aged 18 and over. To date, Moderna has expressed confidence in its vaccines, revealing that they were 100% effective in cushioning children aged between 12 and 17 from the corona virus disease.

NEA could join other institutions that have called for mandatory vaccination of employees in a range of specialized working environments like the healthcare system and colleges a mandatory requirement considering the looming distrusts in the safety and efficacy levels of the vaccines. To be clear, not all healthcare institutions have called for vaccinations, and not all colleges have requires mandatory vaccinations. Indeed, many businesses have also abstained from requiring their workers to obtain the experimental vaccination before going to work.

In a statement, NEA revealed that the corona virus disease does not respect boundaries and was ready to adopt measures meant to fight for policy considerations that put human life first. 

NEA also seeks to be a key crusader of the safety measures recommended by experts like social distancing, proper ventilation, hand washing and wearing face masks as mandatory requirements for all stakeholders in the education sector.

But should it require significant social distancing, wearing face masks, and vaccinations when people have been interacting with each other over the past year and a half? Are vaccinations genuinely 100% necessary for children when they are the least likely to be affected by it? Are policy makers and decision makers inordinately influencing the population to take vaccinations? If so, what is the aim? To ensure that hospitalizations are low? Interestingly, hospitalizations have been decreasing since the start of 2021. There haven’t been a significant rush of hospitalizations after states opened up, either.

The NEA Has Key Decisions to Make

Similarly, NEA seeks to take its debate session to make recommendations on the manner in which students and staff will interact in their institutions. For instance, the largest teachers’ staff union recommends that both the school staff and learners should be keen to wear their face masks whenever it is possible while embracing the necessary social distancing measures. Such recommendations come even after public health agencies have revealed that there is a low risk of severe infection among children.