New Yorkers Want to Carry Concealed Guns To Defend Themselves

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New York is a city that is known all around the world. It has iconic actors, the NYU Tisch School of Arts, Columbia University, a hub of finance, and is a melting pot with people all around the world that call it home. But the state of New York has been seeing a rash of issues fairly recently. Many people are wondering what is going on? Why has New York stepped back a decade or two with regard to the growth of violence, shootings, and murders?

Many point to the lockdowns that government imposed due to COVID-19. These lockdowns had a significant impact on the psyche of individuals. It certainly didn’t help that many individuals in New York City and other areas in the state live in small and compressed areas only adding to the lack of movement.

Here is what you must know about the rise of shootings and violence in New York and how one case could help citizens defend themselves with concealed guns in New York.

What Are The Reasons That The Shootings And Murders Are On The Rise In NYC?

New York City has been dealing with tragedy after tragedy in recent years. With the surge of the coronavirus, several issues have been left unattended. As New York’s coronavirus cases have subsided, another deadly epidemic rears its ugly head. One of the more pressing epidemics that New York is currently facing is the rise in murders and shootings.

Recent NYPD statistics have revealed that New York City saw a rise, excluding theft and burglary, in March 2021 in violent crimes. These violent crimes mainly include the use of firearms.

Let’s Talk Numbers:

In 2021, there were two hundred and ninety-nine that got shot, and the year is just warming up. The murder rate is 54% more than it was in 2019. In 2020, the city reported 1,531 shots, 97% more than in 2019, which registered 777 shooting incidents. This evil knows no bounds.

Even though the recent reports from the NYPD assured that there were 492 arrests related to gun violence for March 2021, New Yorkers are still holding their breath, waiting for the storm to be over.

It looks like the storm is far from over as the state is reporting more hate crimes, more shootings, and more overall violence in 2021.

Pinning The Issue and Why More New Yorkers Seek Concealed Guns

There are several catalysts to this widespread issue that we can discuss. Specialists and the general public have highlighted several reasons for the upsurge. The Pandemic and the changes in bail reforms are the two main ones.

The Pandemic

The year 2020 brought so many unexpected turns of events. The whole world got rocked from its core when the COVID-19 pandemic grabbed politicians and shook them into draconian activity. This pandemic, that likely started due to a lab leak in Wuhan, has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people while leaving many jobless and starving.

There has been a surge of unrest and disputes amongst the general public. The cracks of instability are getting wider, allowing the incidences of violent crimes to be sky-high. The pandemic has proven to be a deadly catalyst to the already present economic issues, not only in the United States but across the world such as Colombia.

A few experts also note that the protests and riots that started with the death of George Floyd have contributed to a rise in general violence. These protests and riots among other factors have gotten linked to the increase in gun violence in 2020.

Bail Reform

The lawyers, policymakers, and criminologists have stated changes in bail legislation, slowdowns in legal hearings, and arrest drops as causes that drive the rise in violent crimes. Serious offenses soared in NYC after the full implementation, earlier this year, of a bill to release defendants waiting for trial.

The statute, which came into force January 1, limits judges from enforcing liabilities on charges convicted of a misdemeanor and non-violent crime. These accused must be acquitted and told to come back to court. For criminals charged with violent offenses, bail remains the alternative.

Data from NYPD revealed that additional offenses were committed by convicts released from prison because of the bail rule. This shows that it is a mixture of policy decisions and economic declines due to lockdowns and general economic distress compounded over time and accelerated due to the government responses to the pandemic.

New Yorkers Seek To Obtain Concealed Gun Carry Rights

In the meantime, the highest court in the United States will review a case regarding concealed carry rights in New York. It could be a boon to New York citizens that seek move past the strict limits on gun carry rights outside of an individuals’ residential property.

This case can serve as a big deal in New York and other states. If the highest court in the nation were to overrule the onerous gun laws made in New York, that could open the doors for cases in other states as well. The current New York case is present due to the fact that several individuals do not feel safe in their neighborhood in New York. They have noticed a slew of robberies in their area and would like to have the ability defend themselves and their property if necessary.

New York has been the target of rising violent crimes from the previous year. There have been much speculation made on the cause of this increase. Two of the leading causes being the pandemic and the bail reform. Even though the NYPD and other government officials are promising a solution to this growing problem, NYC residents remain hesitant on any resolution.