No vaccine, no friendship

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Research has shown that most of the vaccinated Americans have called it quits with their buddies who refused to take the COVID-19 jab. As a result, the COVID-19 vaccine has emerged as one of the most divisive topics. It is currently creating barriers among friends. It is not merely splitting up friends but it is also dividing families as well.

Here is what you need to know about this particular study.

The Poll Research Survey

In September, one Poll Research conducted an online survey to investigate why people ended their friendships in the last one and a half years. The study, which involved 1,000 Americans, revealed that 16% of its respondents had axed at least three friends from their lives since the COVID-19 pandemic began early last year. 

Ending friendship during the COVID-19 era is not only tied to those who received the jab. The survey revealed that while 66% of the respondents who decided to end their ties with their unvaccinated friends had received the jab, 17% don’t plan to receive the vaccine any time soon.  

Conversely, the online survey revealed that almost all of the vaccinated respondents called it quits with their unvaccinated friends portrayed their former friends as full-blown anti-vaxxers. 

The Battle of the Vaxxer Vs. Anti Vaxxer

The online survey also shed light on the ugly break-ups Americans have endured in the COVID-19 era. For instance, the study revealed that 16% of the respondents ended their friendships because of differing political views, 12% on the grounds of spreading rumors, and 15% based on sleeping with an ex, and 7% on the stance that they believed that their friend was a liar. 

In comparison, the unvaccinated people who responded to the online survey explained that they had personal views about the side effects of the jab. Similarly, others revealed that they were in good health and would never want to be vaccinated. Other segments of the population expressed their doubts on whether the COVID-19 vaccine was effective, citing distrust in the jab. 

The survey also investigated how political parties portrayed the vaccine. Surprisingly, 81% of Democrats took the recommended dosage. Similarly, 64% Republicans, 41% third-party followers, and 69% Independents had taken the total dose. This last part shows that it isn’t merely Democrats that are vaccinated, it is Republicans and Independents, too. That sort of tears a part of the narrative away. Those who do not take the vaccines are usually portrayed as Republican. They are usually also shown as those that are not intelligent. But that does not make any sense.

The Data Is Startling and Other Options are Available

If one was a thinking individual, they would note that, according to the all-knowing-Google, the mortality rate for COVID-19 is less than 1% globally. If that is the case, and the vaccine is not a risk-free option, then why all the hype around the vaccine? The vaccine does not offer full protection and it may not genuinely offer significant further defenses against COVID-19. But it is still pushed as the only option. When other options do exist. For instance, thanks to Regeneron and other firms, individuals can take advantage of antibody infusion centers.

Individuals would go to these infustion centers, see if they qualify for treatment, and then progress forward. Many of the individuals that go to these centers survive, thrive, and do not have to go to the ER for treatment. These centers help to minimize hospital overload and keep individuals in the right shape.

But of course, SentryHill always notes the value of exercise, a fantastic diet, sunlight, and other aspects to ensure fantastic health.