NSA Photoshopped Stock Photo and Diversity

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Critical Race Theory and Diversity                                                  

There is a disturbing philosophy of thought that has been promoted by various groups and the mainstream media and is now being promoted by the Biden administration.  This philosophy is that being of Caucasian race is evil and that this race should be overthrown. 

Federal employees are actually mandated to attend training sessions on this type of abhorrent form of “education” and ideology.  The, there is the notion that the idea of “white privilege” is a real problem in our country, and as a result, businesses are told they must hire a certain percentage of people of color and different sexual orientation. 

Many times, a business owner cannot choose who they really want in certain position because they must choose a minority for that job.  Whatever happened to the idea that most qualified person is chosen for the job, regardless of being a minority? What happened to these tried and true American ideals that has helped to foster and thrive?

Unfortunately, more and more we are hearing about “critical race theory” which says that racism is ingrained into most aspects of American society.  It says that racism is socially constructed and that institutions in the US. function to create inequalities between whites and non-whites.   

The Biden administration is making promises to expand diversity in the workforce to Federal employees. Biden signed an executive order to the heads of federal agencies to expand diversity and inclusion in the workforce of federal employees.  When Donald Trump was in office, he prohibited agencies from conducting training based on critical race theory. 

This was reversed by Biden when he took office.  His order also includes metrics to measure demographics to show diversity in the workforce and improvement after evaluations.  His order addresses other employment concerns such as paid federal internships to include former incarcerated people and preventing agencies from using a potential candidate’s salary history when setting pay grades.  These policies will most likely stay in effect for the entirety of Biden’s term as President. 

NSA’s Photoshopped “Proof of Diversity and Inclusion”   

 Again, unfortunately, the NSA has jumped on the bandwagon as well.  On the front of their 2020 Annual Demographic Report, they used a stock photo that had been photoshopped to make it look like the group of people pictured are more diverse than in the actual photo.  Below is the comparison of the two photos. (Photos courtesy of the New York Post)


Sentry hill, sentryhill,sentryhill. Com,


Sentry hill, sentryhill,sentryhill. Com,

This is a disturbing example of how far one agency was willing to go to represent something that is not true just to make it seem as though the NSA is politically correct on the issue of diversity.  If an agency who is supposed to be looking out for our nation’s security is willing to lie to us, what comes next?  The answer certainly does not look promising.  People who are competent enough for a position are often overlooked if they do not fit into the “diversity profile” that companies are being forced into.  This raises the question, “What price are our leaders willing to pay for “diversity” in the workplace and who will end up paying the ultimate price?