Portland Wants To Cut Trade Ties with Texas Over Abortion

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Portland wants to cut trade ties with Texas over the new abortion law. But that’s rich, it (Portland) really is a dumpster fire. Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is certainly right. Portland leaders are surely “depraved” and they have been engaging in policies that have placed Portland residents in “grave danger.” Why would the city be in favor banning the purchase of goods and services from Texas? It is yet another proposed idiotic policy put in place by the Democratic leadership over there on the West Coast.

These democratic leaders in Portland can’t sit still knowing that babies are going to be saved and that America, is going to get more babies. Remember that as more people get older, The United States of America needs more young people. The math here is simple, young people help to generate value and keep the economy going while the geriatric generation will start to withdraw capital for retirement. The older generation may not want to spend as much either, detracting from economic growth.

Portland boycotting Texas is asinine. It makes no sense at all. The city is suffering from lawlessness, shootings, an increase in homelessness and general chicanery. The boycott will be an issue for the citizens of Portland. Conversely, Texas recognizes and appreciates safety, security through police, babies, and a booming economy.

Portland leaders think that it is best to defund the police. Texas leaders, conversely, think that it makes sense to defund the police. But these Portland policies are hurting various parties.

Portland is engaging in Idiotic Policies and Portland Citizens Are Suffering

Take for instance, the Portland area homeless motels. This is an increasingly popular initiative in Portland, the idea is take existing motels and turn them into homeless shelters. At the present moment, in Washington County, over two motels are already turned into these shelters.

These shelters house various individuals and families. There are other areas like Hillsboro and Forest Gronve that have also been backed by the Oregon State Legislature, for an initiative called Project Turnkey. At least 16 motels across Oregon are now shelters for a wide variety of displaced and homeless people.

Sure, it sounds great to have people off of the streets and into proper housing. It can certainly take people off of the streets. But not everyone is happy with this plan. For instance, Latino Business owners near the Econo Lodge in Hillsboro seek to air their concerns. They note that their concerns were not heard as the city and operators moved forward with conversion.

These local business owners are noting that their businesses are seeing economic harm due to a rise in homelessness in the region. They note that the shelter serves a hub of attraction for others who are homeless, which, is the whole point of the shelter.

But the problem is that these business owners need paying customers to survive and thrive. For instance, employees may not be pleased to take out the trash at different restaurants or eateries because they note individuals sleeping the trash container. Customers may not feel safe and secure due to the rise in homelessness in the area. Business owners note that they have had to address customer concerns as they have to bypass an increase in homelessness to get to the restaurant or place of business.

Of course, most people do not go out of their way to put themselves in harms way, as such it is no surprise that customers indicate that they will likely decrease their visits.

Leftists Find themselves in more hot water in Portland

Leftists created and funded these shelters to show that they genuinely care about the homeless. But by doing so, they’ve shot themselves in the foot. They’ve just added a wedge and created more “racial and economic disparity”, Latino business owners will likely get affected further by these shelters and hurt their businesses.

Latino business owners that the city chose their area because it may be known as a cheap neighborhood, thereby adding more issues in the area.

Portland leaders forget that going woke means accounting for everyone and their complaints and issues. But everyone, or at least, most people know that you can only please some of the people some of the time.

But shootings, violence, and more are issues that Portland still has to deal with in the area. It looks like Portland will see more decline in its quality of life that it offers to its local citizens.