President Biden Says Get Vaccinated So You Can Enjoy July 4th

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President Biden in his infinite wisdom told individuals that they need to go and get vaccinated so that they can enjoy July 4th this year. “We can all get our independence from the virus, the virus,” he added for emphasis.

That is to say that if you didn’t get vaccinated, then you are going to have to scurry to some corner somewhere and sulk.

He goes on to say that if “you are already vaccinated, then make sure that your family and friends are vaccinated. If you already have the first shot, make sure to get the second one, so you are fully protected.” Of course, there is conclusive evidence that states that you are never fully protected, even after obtaining the vaccine. If you were fully protected from the virus, then you would not have people dying or being severely affected after they came into contact with the virus a bit later. You should not have fears of case rises in places like Israel, other countries were large portion of individuals are fully vaccinated.

If the vaccine is as amazing as is being suggested, then why are those that are vaccinated, so interested in ensuring that everyone around them is also vaccinated? If the vaccine is so great, then individuals would get the vaccine, and go on about their lives. But it seems that there are some people who will rush to get it and then evangelize about it regardless of the risks or other elements that are being brought to light. For instance, Dr. Michael Burry noted the other day on the risks for young individuals,

“The problem with heart inflammation in young adults is…
1) They were at de minimus risk from COVID itself
2) Vaccine-produced antibodies attacking the heart or platelets is often immediately symptomatic. But attacks on liver, kidneys, etc may not be symptomatic for years.”

He was tweeting on the fact that young individuals are seeing heart problems, but people are also forgetting to account for the long term risks of the vaccine for young folks as it may affect people differently.

You would not have another push by Pfizer or other experts suggesting booster shots are on the way. One would need booster shots if the vaccine only works for a short a period of time before it wears off. Further, it may work for one strain but not for another variant.

But my question to President Biden is where have you been during 2020 and 2021?

President Biden, Where Have You Been in 2020?

Where has President Biden been all this time? Does President Biden not know that people were working during 2020 and still worked in person at places like Sams Club, Costco, car dealerships and other places that were classified as essential businesses?

Does President Biden not know that people have been rioting, protesting, in various ways across the world over the past year? Is he not aware of the many people who have conversely, had weddings and similar events?

Does he not know that people still lived their lives to the best of their ability as they physically went to schools, to churches, restaurants and boldly took their masks off as they sat down to eat and commune with friends, family, and their acquaintances as they supported their local businesses who were and still are in dire need of support? Did President Biden forget about the other gatherings? Does President Biden not know that everyone did not go out of their way and live in fear the whole time?

Is he not aware that many people went on honeymoons, business trips, and other activities that required taking flights?

Is he forgetting that places in Texas, Florida, South Dakota and many other areas have been open for sometime and have had comparable hospitalizations and cases to other states?

Something Strange is in the Air President Biden

There are those “experts” that say that it is best to social distance and wear masks even after taking the vaccine. That is very confusing. Why would individuals take the risk with the vaccine and still have to abide by the impositions of yesteryear? Some experts even go as far as saying today’s social distancing, masks, and protocols should continue to forever or quite some time. Remember that it was 2 weeks to slow the spread but it seems like it’s almost two years to slow the spread.

We need to get past this issue that we are facing today of being excessively scared and not going back to our lives. From working to spending time in other places, traveling and taking all of these actions that help in more ways than one, it is best to get back to living instead of merely existing.