Putin Praises Biden and Mainstream Media Looks Away

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There was a great deal of fanfare with the recent Biden and Putin summit. A few experts noted that the Biden and Putin summit was merely for show as Putin and Russia have already made great headway with Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The pipeline would run from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea. That is a significant win for Russia as it shows that it is still able to make economically feasible and viable deals that would help it to sustain and grow.

While Ukraine and others may wonder how Russia was able to move forward with such a significant pipeline, they will have to wait and watch how events unfold.

That’s the first point.

Conversely, the United States Keystone pipeline is supposed to be major climate catastrophe and has been halted, disrupting jobs and creating a loss of value to the money already invested in such a venture. But what is even more intriguing about the recent Putin and Biden summit was the fact that Putin praised Biden and said that the media has Biden all wrong.

Putin specifically said that Biden is far from confused, unfocused and ambiguous. He noted that the general media is being too hard on Biden when they report that Biden is not fit for the job of the President of the United States from a physical or mental standpoint. Putin painted the picture and noted that Biden has jetlag, that he had a long flight, and that he seemed very happy despite all of this.

Putin spoke over a livestream and noted “I want to say that the image of President Biden that our press and even the American press paints has nothing in common with reality.” Putin expressed confidence in Biden and noted that he’s a careful individual, very professional and certainly fit to do the job.

Here’s why that is surprising.

If Putin Praised Trump the Mainstream Media and Democrats Would Have a Field Day

The mainstream media in the United States and other countries would automatically have a field day if Putin, an adversary of the United States, praised President Donald Trump in various ways. They would continue to opine on how this must mean that there was collusion and that it proved that Russia certainly wanted Trump to win the election so they could gain more power within the world.

But what is funny is that Putin, not only praises Biden but also stands up for him, like a big brother, against the the proverbial playground bullies that is, in the case the mean media.

Why is there no calls from the leaders of the left casting suspicion on this praise? Why is there a double standard when it comes to a conservative president versus a more left leaning one?

It Is Concerning if Your Adversary Has To Stand Up And State That You Are Competent

Is it not concerning that someone that Biden calls an “adversary” is standing up for him and saying that he certainly is a sharp individual? If you are an individual, who many people continue to state as declining mentally, but find that you’re adversary points out that you are fully sharp and quite competent while neutral parties question your mental faculties, you may be in a bit of trouble. Putin has always been a diplomat and has always stayed reserved and cautious in what he has said in the past to prior US Presidents.

At the same time, you wonder where Putin is coming from. Is he coming from a diplomatic and pragmatic standpoint? Or is he merely taking advantage of the saying “don’t attack your enemy when they are in the middle of making a mistake?”

The United States Finds Itself in A Precarious Place

The United States of 2021 is quite different from that of yesteryear. It is laden with debt, inflation seems to be on the rise, and financial assets are at all time highs. At the same time, speculation is taking place at one of the most phenomenal levels across the board in real estate, stocks, meme stocks, cryptocurrencies and other elements like trading card games. The government continues to provide further support to its population with more people on government assistance.

Further, a divided culture that focuses on Marxist theories with mental health seemingly on the decline and crimes on the rise, does not bode well for the United States of America.

The rush of illegal immigration and several other crises are also present within the United States that should give American citizens pause.