Queen Nancy. At What Cost?


Welcome to the 21st Century! 


In this Century, there are one set of rules for the aristocracy, and yet another rule-set for 

us mere commoners. 

Sounds like something out of France in the mid-1700’s no? 

No need to hold-on-to-your-bonnet, then, as we regale the reader with this  

repugnant tale of today… 

At some point, in the last 150 or-so years, the Politicians in this 

Once-Free Nation, were taken-in, and given ‘a free pass’ and ‘pocket-linings’, 

in exchange for the increasingly-more-expensive incremental stripping-away of “just a little-bit”  

Of our Constitutional Republic’s Integrity. 

It began as “Just a little drip”, a tiny snip off the (corner of) “The Integrity” 

of the Constitution. The very same Constitution that our Founding Fathers 

Painstakingly crafted so that it would have the teeth necessary to  

hold elected-officials 

(had they been “actually elected”) accountable for their actions. 

They knew that certain descendants & successors would have to be entrusted with the execution of the extremely sacred Fiduciary Responsibilities both outlined and expected, indeed, DEMANDED of ALL holders of Government Office, the penalty for such violation having been decreed early-on in the Federalist Papers, if not before. The penalty for such egregious malfeasance being as severe as Execution for Treason. 

The preceding statements, should elicit pause in ALL Patriots who read it. 

It does just that for the Author. 

(Note that ALL of the Founding Father’s writings focused-on the shaping-of a Political-System 

that was, FINALLY, once-and-for-ALL, to-be as corruption-proof as possible…) 

God, how could such few words indict so many in Today’s political environment? 

These Seditious thinkers think that: 

ONE little snip off the top, one little breach in the Dam of Integrity, 

Well, that “little bit” doesn’t result in much more than a slow-drip of corruption, leaking 

through. Nothing to worry about–likely its how the early corrupt-few  

“Officials” were “sold-on” the whole idea of “Selling Their Integrity” (and in-the-process, 

selling us all “down-the-river”). (“Justification?”) Oh, it’s Just a Little Drip–nothing to worry about!  

One little crack, in a giant Dam—one which the Founding Fathers built (Against-All-Odds  

To Finally-and Once and For ALL!!!) Restrain ALL of the momentum-filled forces of Evil, Greed, and Corruption—Well, that “Little Crack” shouldn’t cause any immediate concerns (Right?)…being sold on this type of rationale for blatant Greed, Corruption, (which by-the-way)  includes the “Violation of Your Oath”, which in-case you DID Not Know-it, is TREASON, plus, their DEAL ALSO INCLUDES well-buffered handsome rewards in various forms: Monetary Riches, Material Goods, Services, and so on. 

All of these “sparkling, shiny rewards” should make “turning a blind-eye” so much 

easier to do, and all the more palatable, if even an eye was batted. 

(How about we ask the recently indicted Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton, from New Mexico?) 

No, it’s ONLY when the cracks in the Dam become numerous, and the drips that are leaking 

out of them begin to form the flow of a small-stream, that the damage is finally 

noted, and alarms are raised–but ONLY by those who care-enough to be  

“Paying Attention”. 

It’s only when the Dam is in immediate danger of collapsing that anyone 

other than those of us charged with sending out the Warnings, will even listen. 

Witness the recent flooding in Europe, especially Germany, where there is a suppressed 

cry of anger by the Citizenry regarding the violation of Fiduciary Responsibility, 

Delegated to Govt Officials, regarding Dam Safety, Riverbank Flood zones, and the like. 

Related? No. Similar to how Freedom will be suddenly breached, and the 

Devastation will likely be very similar – a MOST Certain “YES”. 

INTEGRITY. It seems antithetical to current Government Office-Holders… 

At what Price, Integrity, Nancy? 

Are NOT the Extremely Generous Rewards of A Government Position, it’s FREE Healthcare 

For Life, The Lofty Office, and the “Grant of Office” to treat Constituencies with 

Ill-to-no-regard, disrespectfully-all-the-way–are not all these things ‘enough for one’? 

Isn’t there SOME Price we could all chip-in and PAY one-time to be finally rid  

of the rough-shod ravaging of our Written Constitution & and your self-initiated in-our-face 

Blatant disregard for the everyday regulations, laws, ordinances? 

What price, Nancy? We’ll gladly pay it, you see. Please understand.  

(If only that would do it…) 

But we Fear that no—there is NO Amount of Money which could be Enough anymore! 

Once some have tasted power… the thirst and the LUST for MORE – as much Power as they can get! 

Power over as Many as can be easily gotten – it’s simply just the next stepping stone for the 

Hopelessly power-mad “Player” of the High Political Circles. 

Woe be to us commoners… 

In our Opinion, no Crack-Cocaine-Fueled pursuit of MORE has been scarier. 

And this wounded Constitutional Republic (like the Crack-Addicts’ helpless family) 

Stands to bear the brunt of the Blind Ambition of the subject… 

(stay-tuned for Part 2…)