Racist Mayor Lightfoot Declares Racism a Public Health Emergency

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Mayor Lori Lightfoot officially declared racism a “public health emergency” today. Now, Chicago will divert nearly $10 million in COVID funds to address the issue.

On Friday, Mayor Lori declared racism a “public health emergency,” doubling down on her social injustice agenda. This will allow the mayor to reallocate $10 million in COVID-19 funds to address the perceived racism in the Windy City. 

Racist Lightfoot Is Far From A Pristine Figure

This is utterly ridiculous. It is sheer malarkey. Just mere buffoonery. Lightfoot has been accused of racism in the past as she noted that she would only admit journalists of color for a specific event in the past. That is a clear and blatant form of racism. If racism in the Windy City is a public health problem, then one could categorize Mayor Lightfoot as patient zero. It is farfetched for one to continue to ring the bell on systemic racism and glass ceilings from a position of political power such as the mayor of Chicago.

Lightfoot, and 20 of the 50-aldermen making the council are also African American. These are not lowly positions. This is Chicago, a once great city, that is home to a diverse group of people from all around the world. It’s diverse representation is present in the fact that key people in power in Chicago are African American. This initiates a feeling of rage among those who are genuinely paying attention to what is going within the world today.

Woke Politics Allow For Theft On A Large Scale

There is a growing population of rational people that believe that racial politics has taken a significant toll in the country, making it much more divisive than it has ever been. The new racism is a different type of racism that is filled with hate. It is far from equality, or accepting diversity as it seems that the United States has been doing over the years as seen with the 8 year term of President Barack Hussein Obama. Rather, the new form of racism is where select groups are elevated while others must suffer for acts that were committed a hundred years ago.

It is not inclusion, it is stems around discrimination.

What is worse is that with woke politics one can go ahead and conduct large scale theft as was seen with Patrisse Cullors, the founder of BLM. But that was a nonprofit organization. What is even more troubling is that this is taking place at a government level. The ability to divert $10 Million on behalf of woke politics is a scary thought. The ability to merely move money around for vague and ambiguous initiatives such as fighting racism as a public health emergency does not bode well for a city that is not known for its fiscal intellect or health.

Black On Black Crime Is High in Chicago

Explaining the statistics, Chicago city recorded 774 murders which accounted for more than 50% from the year 2019. Moreover, there was shooting witnessed by masses in the town majorly in the black neighborhood despite the city’s toughest gun laws. However, the only logic implied here is the increased use of illegal guns in the town. 

Due to the increasing violence in the city through the plague of illegal guns, the city has become the center of mass shootings now, which was previously known as the club of other cities. Hence, this is not a federal or racial but an issue that is direct to the community. Reports indicate that 75% of people murdered in Chicago are black, while 71% of murders are black. That is a startling statistic that Mayor Lightfoot seems to ignore with every fiber of her being. Instead, she distracts from Chicago’s huge debt burden by playing to the woke crowd and focusing on woke politics and leaning into Marxist ideas like CRT and other sad ideologies.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention plans to establish at least six Healthy Chicago Equity zones through a $10 million relief fund. This will be a health and equity work zone involving leaders, health entities, health institutions, and the city government.